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Part# 04-00381
MFR Model# 54968-5
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One Lug
Part No.
Two Lug


All metal floating anchor nuts. MS21059 ( F5000 ) and MS21061 ( F2000 ).

Anchor nuts are designed for blind mounted applications where it is impractical to use hex nuts or where it is desirable to have an attached nut for ease of maintenance.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Very fast service and accurate shipping.

Carlos C
March 10, 2021

Excellent, work like they should not like the 80 of #8 I received the last time

Henri M
February 25, 2021

I ordered these with two other parts which were out of stock. I was OK with that but needed the anchor nuts sooner. They came the next day! And of course they are very good quality. Thank you ACS!

John B
August 4, 2020

Perfect for providing an attached nut that moves just enough to insure alignment.

Donald S
February 28, 2020

These were for the rear seat rear legs in a cessna 172L. The originals had gotten stripped out over time, and werent the floating type. These floating anchors allowed more wiggle room in getting everything to go together. I was a little disappointed with the shipping time. Ordered them around 430 pm est on a monday with priority mail shipping, and they arrived Thursday afternoon about 3 PM. I thought they would arrive a day sooner.

Edward V
January 19, 2020

A little confusing to find the standard two lug floating nut plate as they are listed in the right hand column and the picture is the second picture which must be selected. But these are the nut plates which are the same size as the standard non-floating and work well.

September 4, 2017

The picture shows a single lug and is a little confusing regarding the number for a two lug floating nut plate

Louie L
March 26, 2017

The part pictured in the listing does not match the part that was sent.

September 13, 2019

The part pictured on my printed order does not match the part ordered. If I had done an in depth review of the order, I would not have able to discern what part was actually shipped .

Robert M
July 18, 2019


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Q: What is the bolt hole size for the MS21059L4 anchor nut?

This is for a 1/4-28 threaded fastener, so the hole would have to be at least 1/4" for the fastener to engage the threads of the anchor nut.

Q: What is the rivet size used to attatch the anchor nut? Thanks

The F5000 anchor nuts we offer require 3/32" diameter rivets for installation.

Q: What is the center to center distance of the two mounting holes for the various sizes of 2-lug nut plates?

The rivet hole spacing is .688" for anchor nuts up to 10-32 threads, and 1" spacing for 1/4-28 to 3/8-24 threaded units.

Q: What is the bolt hole size for the MS21059l8 anchor nut?

The bolt hole accepts a 8-32 threaded bolt. The rivet holes accept a 3/32" diameter rivet.

Q: What are the dimensions for the MS21061L08?

1.051 inches long, 0.250 inches height, between 0.290 inches and 0.422 inches wide.

Q: What are the dimensions for the MS21059L3? Thanks

0.948 in long, 0.25 in high, .69 in mounting hole center to center.

Q: Whats the thread for the MS21059L3? And what is the part number for the comparable one lug?

10-32 thread, MS21061L3 is the single lug option.

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