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Part# 05-21949
MFR Model# U1713-R325
ApplicabilityAssembly LengthSupercedes PN:Part Number
Cessna 120, 140, 170
Piper J-3C, L-4, NE-1, NE-2, PA-11, PA-12, PA-14, PA-15, PA-16, PA-17, PA-19, L-18C, PA-18, PA-20, PA-22, PA-28
Taylorcraft BC12D
32.5 inchesTACH-33, 486-570, and 486-56505-21949


Recording or Non-Recording Tachometer Cables.

Non-captive cables.

FAA-PMA Approved
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Bon service Merci

Jacques L Verified Purchase


October 31, 2023

Replaced my broken tach cable with this one in my 1946 J-3 Cub. Works great.

Matthew S Verified Purchase


April 12, 2023

Ideal for my Cherokee PA28-180 (0-360A3A), instead of tired 486-570.

Maxim S
November 4, 2018


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Q: Whats the difference between recording and non recording cable?

The recording cable has a different end on it for a recording tach. A recording tach has a built in hour meter.

Q: What is the length of the cable, part # 05-21949?

It is 33" from ferrel to ferrel.

Q: Is this cable FAA TSO/PMA approved for use in certfied aircrafts?

It is FAA/PMA approved.

Q: How do you tell left hand lay from right hand lay?

If you hold the cable vertically looking at the keyed end, if the cable is wind is down from the left to the right it is left lay. If it is wound up from the left to the right it is right lay.

Q: One of the Q and A refers to the length of part # 05-21949 being 33. Is the 05-21950 cable also 33 long?

Part # 05-21950 is 34 inches long.

Q: Do you have to pull out the cable and grease it or is it already greased and ready to install when you buy it?

These would need to be greased before install.

Q: What is the best kind of grease (type and brand) to use on this cable before installing?

Per the manufacturer: the customer will need to get with their A&P mechanic to determine what grease is needed.

Q: On part #05-21949 what is the length of the inner cable (tip to tip)?


Q: Is this a captive cable? i was told my michelin that it has to be captive. If its not do you have a part# for captive cable?

The inner cable can be removed so we do not believe that it is a captive cable.

Q: I want to order part 05-21949, a tachometer cable. There is no designation as how to order a left hand lay or a right. How do I order the correct lay designation? I need the left.

These cables will work for both per the vendor.

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