Part# 08-11062
MFR Model# SA47006S-A21P
Vendor Part NumberQuantity RequiredDescriptionPart Number
SA47006S-A21P 1Stud Assembly08-11062


Uniform hardness all the way through the steel barrel walls which allows the barrel to provide even wear while withstanding extreme cylinder temperatures and pressures.

Exhaust and intake ports are volumetrically matched to maximum output and performance.

Increased port wall thickness - eliminates problems with warping and cracking.

Computer-generated head fin configuration - deliver more uniform heat transfer and fewer "hot" spots.

Manufactured from the most advanced alloys available - exceed industry standard for strength and porosity.

+ Included with stud assembly.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Hard to know how to review this, as I’ve just test run the engine so far, but I’ve used Superior cylinders in the past. My engine actually is mostly chrome refurbs, so this cylinder will likely outlast the rest

David C Verified Purchase


February 1, 2022

very helpful staff

Todd S
August 3, 2020

I did this once for the other cylinder, give me about 1000 hours on the engine and Ill tell you how good they are. They have a good recommendation from my mechanic and that is enough for me. The last cylinders we ECi cemachrome and they lasted 1600 hours and were still holding up with 65-75/80 psi. All cylinders other than Contintenal are seem to make it to TBO. Now that ECi has been bought by the same Chinese people who own Continental Im hoping they will stop making there own cylinders and use the ECi ones.

Jaffe L
August 7, 2019

Im replacing all the cylinders on our O-470R Continental Engine off our 1963 Cessna 182 while we rebuild the engine. Superior has had a very good recommendation, but ask me for a review in 8-10 years when it has over 1000 hours on them, I hope they are as good as the ECi chrome ones that were on the engine last time that got 1600 hours in 28 years.

Jaffe L
August 5, 2019

I got this just incase I tore the other valve cover gasket. (SA534857). Turned out it was the same one I had already on the valve cover. I thought it was the cheap cork, this was a nice gasket. For $2.66 it was well worth it.

Frank D
November 17, 2017

I ordered this on the assumption I wouldn’t get it for several months, and have a sticky-valves cylinder that may or may not need replacing. I was very surprised when it arrived in just a couple of weeks. All these websites are saying they won’t have any cylinders for months, but Spruce seems to have no problem getting them

David C Verified Purchase


February 17, 2022


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Q: Does this Superior Millennium Cylinder come complete with the piston?

Yes, Superior cylinders come with piston and rings, but will need to be installed.

Q: Does this come with rocker arms and shaft?

They do not contain the rocker arms and the shaft is not installed.

Q: Do these cylinders come with an 8130?

Yes, domestic 8130 form is included.

Q: Does this Superior Milennium Cylinder come with piston pins? And if not, what is the part number?

The piston pins are not included. You would want SA539467 (part # 08-11203.)

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