Part# 11-04395
MFR Model# 754RW-14V


Note: Light assembly and mount sold separately. See image above. See 'Accessories' to order flush mount.

These versatile cockpit lights can be used to illuminate the instrument panel. They can be repositioned to illuminate your charts with their 110 degrees of angle adjustment while being able to rotate a full 360 degrees. Dimensions: 3/4" diameter, 1-5/8" tall fully-extended, 7/8" tall at 90 degrees.

The mounting stud is 1/4" in diameter and can be mounted onto a surface up to .200" thick. Switchable models facilitate wiring an SPDT switch (not included) to the light, allowing either red or white operation. We also offer a flush-mount flange to mount the light if the back side of the light is unreachable.

Flush Mount - (Pictured above) This part is for mounting and LED light Model 754 from the front side. The adapter base is 1-1/2" in diameter, stands 1-2" tall, and has a 1" bolt hole circle.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Look and works great. Glad I read other reviews and saw how bright they are and selected units with two red and 2 white. I used a selector switch. White as non dimmable cabin light and red for instrument lightings. They dim really well and are plenty bright at lowest setting.

March 9, 2021

Very nice! Bright and compact.

Doug D
December 1, 2019

Super service as usual from AS. Great little light for supplemental panel lighting in old ACs. Very little current draw, easy to mount.

August 17, 2018

Small size allows for easy placement and great panel illumination.

November 26, 2017

Phenomenal lights! Got one white and one red to compare against original Grimes with 3.3A bulbs. At same time compared SuperBright 5-LED tower replacement bulbs (98mA white, 72mA red). The SuperBrights are only slightly brighter than original, but these 754s are probably 4 times as bright at half the current.

Edward M
May 5, 2017

These are very well made fixtures. Perfect range of motion for my application. Clear instructions provided for wiring.

John H
April 11, 2017


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Q: Not being an electrician, I would like to know if the 14 volt, 754 led cockpit lights, will operate on a 12 volt system?

Yes, the 14 volt lights will operate fine in a 12 volt system. 12 volt and 14 volt are essentially interchangeable. Regarding Part Numbers 11-04393, 11-07481, 11-04395, 11-07483, 11-07485, 11-07487.

Q: Part number 11-04393 is available with 2 white and 2 red leds. Can they be controlled separately i.e. only white or only red?

Yes, this is not a problem.

Q: What is the MCD output of the 4 Red LED (part #11-04393)?

The output of this unit is 5,000.

Q: What is the wattage of these 754 LED Cockpit Lights 14V?

Per the supplier: The measurement for these is candle power, not wattage. The candle power for 14v is 5000 MCD's. The power consumption is 30 milli amps.

Q: What is the output of these lights in lumens?

Per the supplier: 4,000 milli candle power. We do not have the output info in lumens.

Q: Will these lights work on a dimmer circuit? Are these lights approved for use on certified aircraft?

Per the supplier: "Yes, they will work with dimmers. This model is installed in new certified aircraft from the factory. With that said I have no PMAs or STCs to install them in other aircraft. I have been told if they are not primary cockpit lighting you dont need one but that depends on what fed you talk to."

Q: Are these 754 Series LED Cockpit Lights dimmable?

Yes, these lights can be dimmed with a dimmer.

Q: Are the 754 Series LED Cockpit Lights TSO'd for non-experimental installation?

The 754 Series LED Cockpit Lights are not TSO'd or PMA'd.

Q: You mention that this model is installed on certificated aircraft new from the factory. What aircraft? Thanks.

Per the supplier: Quest Air Kodiak.

Q: Can you recommend a SPDT rocker switch for the 754 SERIES LED COCKPIT LIGHTS 14 V?

Part number AN3021-1 is a SPDT switch which is rated at 14 or 28 volts.

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