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Part# 11-19031
MFR Model# XV36-LED-7EL-A


The XeTREME series is a true game-changer in aviation high-intensity LED landing and taxi light performance.

By out-of-the-box thinking, XeVision has achieved efficient and dependable extreme brightness for LED "light engines", with certified and published Lab measured outputs greatly exceeding anything currently on the world market.

High-power LEDs inherently generate a lot of heat while in operation. The excess heat needs to be dissipated quickly, otherwise, the system may suffer a possible thermal run-away which dramatically lowers the LED output, and lowers the LED lifespan, which in the worst case may even destroy the LED. Common solutions for LED lights are implementing passive heatsinks to address this adverse effect, however, usually not efficient enough. To avoid damage to the LEDs in those LED lights, the power to the LEDs is reduced by an electronic safety circuit with the negative result of significantly reduced brightness. In contrast, XeVision® opted for a very effective Active Cooling approach.

XeVision's proprietary active cooling design guarantees sustained highest light output and long component life by a meticulously designed cooling concept starting at the LED to substrate level, selecting low thermal resistance materials and TIM (Thermal Interface Material), and ending with a fan supporting pin fin heatsink very efficiently dissipating heat to the ambient air.

For the advanced high-efficiency design concept, XeVision selected state-of-the-art high-power LED chips and optimized TIR optics together with a protective high visible light transmission hardened AR (anti-reflective) glass. After several years of development and extensive testing, we established that the light fixtures were producing more than 96% of brightness even after days of continuous operation under ambient conditions, around 25ºC. Fixture and heatsink temperatures stayed well below 60ºC thanks to our proprietary no-compromise active cooling design for the LED light engine including the supporting control electronics.

Taxiing with the high-definition XV36-LED-7EL LED taxi light clearly demonstrates the benefits of the wide uniform light pattern of 34º, allowing illumination on both sides of the aircraft taxiing path with minimal disturbance for passing aircraft and vehicles. The rectangular beam shape with a 11º vertical beam angle makes this light very effective with the wide horizontal beam pattern, unlike circular taxi light beams.

The benefit of the combination of the XV36-LED-7UN landing light and the XV36-LED-7EL taxi light is enormous, providing a far reach of central illumination (7UN) and a superb uniform illumination to the sides (7EL). These characteristics combined, provide optimal benefits for ground and flight operation safety. Too bright? Just choose 50% light intensity, simply selected in the cockpit on the fly.

XeVision's proprietary strobe mode, dubbed XeStrobe™, is purposely designed by their engineers for better recognition. The XeStrobe™ pattern and high brightness light beam of this LED landing light is a perfect solution to mitigate bird strikes. Used together with the LED taxi light version, the wider taxi projecting angle helps to reach flocks of birds over a wider range. By using both Landing and Taxi fixtures with the XeStrobe™ pattern selected “To be seen” is a no-brainer even for birds. XeStrobe™ is far superior to the traditional wig-wag pattern.

Orientation Guide


  • 1. Input power: 100 watt
  • 2. Form Factor: par 36 (Also, serves par 46 using the optional generic mounting adapter/bracket for individual installation)
  • 3. LED output power: 92 watt
  • 4. Voltage: 9.5 VDC to 32 VDC
  • 5. Beam pattern: rectangular
  • 6. Beam angle horizontal: 34º
  • 7. Beam angle vertical: 11º
  • 8. Luminous intensity, certified: 55'125 cd (candela)/CP
  • 9. Luminous flux, certified: 8850 lumens
  • 10. High transmission hardened anti-reflective (AR) glass
  • 11. Anti Icing front lens performance
  • 12. 3 cockpit controllable light patterns, incl. XeStrobe™ (Hi/Lo/Strobe)
  • 13. Only 2 TOTAL wires required for full 3 mode functionality
  • 14. Switching between 3 modes: Simple Selection by quick (< 2 seconds) switch OFF/ON action.
  • 15. Identical fixture dimensions as landing light (UN)
  • 16. Proprietary µP-controlled Active Cooling design
  • 17. Brightness vs time (heat): Sustainable > 96%
  • 18. EMI: RTCA DO-160G:2010 Section 21.4 cat L,M.H: certified
  • 19. RFI: RTCA DO-160G:2010 Section 21.5 cat M: certified
  • 20. Operating safety: Microprocessor (µP) controlled
  • 21. Redundancy: 3 independent LED string drivers
  • 22. Repairability: All light modules 100% & future-proof
  • 23. Ingress protection: Water and dust ingress rating: IP65
  • 24. Anti-fog: Nitrogen flushed LED/optics chamber
  • 25. Water and dust ingress rating: IP65
  • 26. Patented LED to heatsink thermal energy dissipation technology
  • 27. CNC machined aircraft grade Aluminum 6061-T6 and black matte anodized (see rendered photo/video)
  • 28. Rear most shroud CNC parts are alodined - gold colored Chromate conversion coating
  • 29. Diameter: 4.53 in. (115 mm) Bezel sits forward of existing aircraft lamp mounts
  • 30. Fixture cutout diameter: 3.90 in. (99 mm) for Par-36/46 mounting use
  • 31. Depth: 3.23 in. (82 mm)
  • 32. Weight: 27 oz. (752 gm)
  • 33. Designed in USA and Switzerland, made in USA
  • 34. Warranty 5 years or 2000 hours (whichever occurs first)

XeVision Info

  • Also, serves par 46 using the optional generic mounting adapter/bracket for individual adapted installation

In The Box

  • 1. LED Taxi light fixture
  • 2. D-SUB 2 pins connector pre-assembled with 20 inch silicone cable (longer cable is optional)


I think I was the first to buy a set from Spruce when I first saw the add pop up. I have installed them and they are no doubt the brightest most powerful light available for GA. A little heavy compared to just plug and play new bulb technology but the power these have if phenomenal. I have had trouble seeing the taxiway turn offs at airports an night, that is no longer an issue. They draw about 7 amps each on my 12 volt airplane, in landing mode (brightest).

Bill C
March 7, 2022


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Can you please explain the A, B, C variations offered for the taxi light and why not offered on the landing light version ? Its not quite clear to me how that works when ordering. It seems there are actually 6 choices not just 3 A1/A2, B1/B2, C1/C2.

For the A, B, C variation choices, the taxi light "-7EL" has a rectangular shaped beam of 34+ degrees Horizontal and 11+ degrees vertical, with this in mind there are 6 total possible positions for the power connector and still maintain the beam width in a lateral (horizontally optimal) position for most taxiing purposes. A purchaser only needs to select A, B, or C options for the "7EL" The A version provided both A1 or A2 positioning (180 degrees apart) A1 and A2 opposing orientations still provides the identical proper optics orientation. Each choice A, B, C provides 2 power connector positions. the same is true for B and C choices, B 1/2 and C 1/2. Just choose for the optimal power input connector shown positioning for your installation. If an error is made when ordering, we can quickly swap for the corrected position. There may be some specialized circumstances (Tail Dragger etc.) where the customer might desire a different than standard / normal taxiing light positioning, this is easily accomplished the same way with the above choices.

The Landing light "-7UN" version offers a circular and uniformly round beam pattern so there is no "up" orientation to follow for the Landing version "-7UN" lights. Because of this the power connector can be oriented (rotated) in any position (360 degrees) desired for clearance or other reasons / preferences.

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