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Part# 11-19486
MFR Model# 857641-2130


Quiet the noise. Amplify the experience.

What happens when all the distractions — everything that’s standing in your way — are stripped away? You’re left with the pure, indescribable feeling of the freedom of flight.

Breathtaking comfort. Showstopping quiet.

The Bose A30 is the highest-performing, most comfortable around-ear aviation headset for pilots we have ever created. It dramatically elevates every flight with the best combination of comfort, audio clarity, and active noise cancellation on the market.

Setting the bar for long term comfort

The A30’s lightweight design with low clamping force provides unparalleled comfort over long flights. It upholds the acclaimed noise cancellation of the Bose A20 but features a lower overall weight and 20% reduced clamping force.

Audio on your terms

The A30 features the best balance of attenuation and audio clarity of any pilot headset on the market. Its optional Bluetooth® interface and three selectable modes of active noise cancellation with talk-through communication provide industry-leading communication across all types of aircraft.

Designed to perform

With a sleek, modern design and a toolless side swappable mic, the A30 is engineered to provide versatility and a new level of performance in nearly every cockpit environment. Additionally, the headset is made with materials chosen for strength and durability without the bulk and clamping force of typical aviation headsets.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Lightweight design with low clamping force for unparalleled comfort. A full-sized around-ear headset with 20% less clamping force than the A20.
Unmatched audio clarity with active equalization. Incoming signals are shaped and equalized for enhanced clarity and intelligibility.
Industry-leading active noise reduction with three user selectable modes. Adjustable noise cancellation modes to accommodate different use cases or personal preference.
Precision-focused noise cancelling microphone. The noise cancelling microphone is engineered for aircraft with “hot mic” or PTT systems to increase clarity and reduce background noise during transmission. Mic winglets also allow for precise mic and boom adjustments.
Robust, durable design that is FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified. The headset is FAA/EASA TSO certified and has passed 145 separate tests by the Bose engineering and quality assurance team to ensure endurance in challenging operating environments.
Removable/Side swappable down cable and mic, no tools required. Boom mic and cable can be mounted on either side of the headset without using any tools.
Bluetooth® audio (for select models). Connect wirelessly to mobile devices, audio systems and electronic flight bags. Audio prioritization allows users to mix Bluetooth® audio with intercom audio or have intercom transmissions mute Bluetooth® temporarily. A non-Bluetooth® headset variant is also available.
Shielded, durable and flexible cable. Cable is resistant to radiated emissions with a thin design that allows for increased freedom of movement and easy storage.
Digital active noise cancellation. Significantly reduces ambient noise, allowing users to lower radio volume to a more comfortable listening level.
Long term durability. Built and tested for extended use in demanding environments, having passed 145 separate tests by the Bose research and development team to ensure headset endurance.
Tap control for talk-through communication. Double-tap either earcup to engage low mode and optimize audio for interpersonal communications outside of the intercom.
Multiple plug types. Available in dual plug, LEMO (6 pin), XLR (5 pin) and U174 variants, with U384 and other connectors becoming available in the upcoming year for GA, commercial and military customers.
Automatic shutoff. Powers down automatically when not in use. An auto-on feature is also available on select panel-powered configurations.
Exceptional battery life. Two AA batteries power 25-plus hours of Bluetooth® use and 45-plus hours without. Aircraft-powered variants are also available.
Bypass communications mode. Primary intercom audio is available with or without power.
Five-year limited warranty with acclaimed service. Worldwide coverage (excludes wear items like ear cushions, mic covers and headbands).
Carrying case. Includes a strap and an internal zippered storage compartment and enhanced padding for safe and secure storage.

In The Box

  • A30 Aviation Headset
  • Carry Case
  • 3.5 mm AUX audio cable
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Control module hanger


New design but they fall off your head when looking down , clamping force not enough my option by the A20s or light speed ,

Michael O
January 8, 2024

Comparative Notes on the Bose A30 (I returned them): PROs: 1) Probably the lightest full-headset. The only ones lighter are the ear plug or earbud versions like the Bose Proflight-2 and similar. 2) Definitely the softest squeezing headset. 3) Seems to have a wide range of volume with minimum distortion. I was able to still hear well while wearing ear plugs with the headset. 4) 5-year warranty CONs: 1) Yep! Ear seals and the punishing penalty of “popping” every time I talked. 2) I called Bose to see if there was any way to increase the squeeze, so as to get a better ear seal….there is none. Bummer! 3) No marked improvement over the A20 nor the Zulu-3.

June 26, 2023

Ive flown with A20s for about 3000 hours on turboprop, now I recently got the new A30. First impressions are that it does essentially the same as the A20 but I was very curious so I got a new A30. For me Id be totally happy with A20. The cable on the A20 tends to break after about 2000 times in and out of the bag, well see how the thinner A30 cable does in comparison... What I really like about the A30 is that theres no more exposed cables on the headset itself, its a clean design like the QCs. Also I appreciate how easily you can swap the cable from side to side on the A30. About the reduced clamping force... Im pretty sure this comes in as a disadvantage for me because I always use glasses or sunglasses. This means the seal isnt too good around the ears (maybe the earcups will soften a bit) and I think I have some more noise leaking in than with my A20. Overall the A30 is great but if you have an A20 thats in good shape, theres no need to upgrade in my opinion.

Petur J
June 11, 2023

Don’t expect the A30 to be an improved A20. It is not. The new light feel creates issues with noise reduction when wearing glasses and like to jump off your head when encountering turbulence. Which is exactly what you do not need during those moments. Also the noise canceling occasionally cuts out for no apparent reason. Cycling the selector switch brings it back up but WHY do I need to deal with this? I’ve put my A30’s back in the case and now use the A20’s again..Bose has disappointed me on these..

Lester V
January 5, 2024

First headset failed after just a few hours use. returned to bose, waited a couple weeks, got another one. Same problem. It sure seems like these have an issue with the ANR failing when they are in the sun. I fly a king air and if the earpiece has sun on it around 20 minutes it fails. The ear seals dont fit tight enough either. They went too far on the comfort and lost the actual point. The asking price is a premium, but the product is certainly is not premium. Stick with your A20s folks, this isnt an upgrade.

Cody P
July 10, 2023

Pros- more comfortable than a-20. Less clamping force Con- 3 modes of noise cancelling is useless. Even on mid setting its incredibly loud in the pa32. Slightest turn of the head would break the seal around your ear and youd hear that thumping bass sound like someone rolled down the rear windows in the car. My dad had the same issue. Even clenching my jaw or trying to pop my ears would do it. Returned and bought another a20.

Ernie S
June 25, 2023


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Q: Does the Bose A30 have Bluetooth?

The A30 is available in both with Bluetooth and without Bluetooth.

Q: I want to order an A30 with bluetooth, a LIMO connector and a battery for when I fly non-LIMO aircraft. I alreadt have a LIMO to a 2 plug adaptor. Which headset part number should I order?

Order Part# 11-19491 for this headset.

Q: Is there a patch cable that goes from Heli to Dual GA?

Yes. See Part# 11-10650.

Q: I want to purchase a bose A30 headset from you, I ll be using them on an Airbus 320/321 is the dual GA connector a correct choice? do I need an extra adapter for them to work properly?

Most Airbus are equipped with the 5-Pin Airbus style plug, in which case the correct part # would be 11-19492. However, you could order the dual GA version of the A30, part # 11-19489, and an additional adapter part # 11-06535 to use it in the Airbus.

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