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IAP Charts (Approach Plates) are designed to provide an IFR descent from the enroute environment to a point where a safe landing can be made. DP charts are Air Traffic Control (ATC)-coded departure procedures which have been established at certain airports to simplify clearance delivery procedures. STAR charts are ATC-coded IFR arrival routes established for certain airports to simplify clearance delivery procedures. CVFPs are an operational technique designed to move air traffic safely and expeditiously. In addition to conventional visual approach procedures, it has been necessary to specify routes/altitudes to enhance noise abatement at some locations. CVFPs have been developed to provide a pictorial display of these visual arrival routes. Airport Diagrams are specifically designed to assist in the movement of ground traffic at locations with complex runway/taxiway configurations and provide information for updating geodetic position navigational systems aboard aircraft.


  • Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts
  • Departure Procedure (DP) Charts
  • Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) Charts
  • Charted Visual Flight Procedures (CVFP)
  • Airport Diagrams

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great service

Richard G
March 19, 2020

I have the Terminal procedures on auto ship, so when the new version comes out, I always get it a week before. Highly recommend this way, takes all the worry out of buying the paper back up.

Richard M
October 21, 2019

Current charts and very fast delivery.

Joe F
February 26, 2019

arrived On time which is everything,, normal aero nav data pubs.

November 24, 2018

A subscription is the easiest way to keep current TERPS in the airplane. Spruce has always delivered on time for me.

Doug C
June 9, 2018

Richard I
March 15, 2018

Product in very good condition and service was very quick

March 23, 2017


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Q: Any way to pre order next version of the tpp plate book during a mid cycle time? If not how early do you change the website to allow ordering of next version.

When you begin a subscription, the shopping cart will ask you to select whether you want to begin with the current revision or wait until the next revision to begin shipping.

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