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A thorough update of the gold standard for the basic principles of aircraft theory and operation

Aircraft Basic Science, Eighth Edition incorporates modern technology, such as the use of composite aircraft materials, throughout the text. In addition, the examples and figures have been revised to more accurately reflect the state of the industry. A Student Study Guide parallels the text and provides fill-in-the-blank questions that identify key terms, demonstrates applications of mathematical relationships, and validates learning progress by offering multiple-choice questions.


  • The use, inspection, and fabrication of composite structures, including honeycomb, fiberglass, and carbon fiber materials
  • Hypersonic flight aerodynamics as they apply to high speed aircraft and space reentry vehicles
  • Tilt rotor aircraft aerodynamics and design
  • New alloys and processes used in aircraft such as powdered aluminum and friction stir welding
  • Relevant ICAO/EASA (European and international rules and regulations) including Maintenance Repair Organizations (MRO), the NASA safety reporting system, ATA systems, electronic document retrieval systems, and recordkeeping systems
  • Ground handling and safety for large, airline-style aircraft
  • New alternative fuels under development, including biofuels and synthetic fuels
  • FAA elements of Aircraft Basic Science Airframe and certification required to perform and approve aircraft maintenance

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Table of Contents

  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Science Fundamentals Basic Aerodynamics
  • Airfoils and their Applications Aircraft in Flight
  • Aircraft Drawings Weight and Balance Aircraft Materials
  • Metal Fabrication Techniques and Processes Standard Aircraft Hardware
  • Hand Tools and their Applications
  • Aircraft Fluid Lines and Fittings
  • Federal Aviation Regulations Technical Publications
  • Ground Handling and Safety
  • Aircraft Inspection and Servicing



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