Rotax New Engine Install DVD Package

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Part# 15-05940


DVDINSTALL. For individuals new to Rotax aircraft engines this DVD will offer a unique look into what goes into setting up and maintaining a trouble free powerplant.

We show you how to install all popular gearboxes, mount carburetors, set-up control cables, electric starters, and oil injection systems. We discuss the various types of exhaust systems available, what types of surface treatments you can use and how to apply them to keep your finished exhaust system looking good for years to come plus what you need to do to properly mount them. We show you how to properly weld exhaust hooks and brackets in place as well as show you after market products to replace the factory supplied systems.

If you plan on running the oil injection system as supplied by the factory we show you what you need to get the job done and what products are available to make it happen. If you decide to run pre-mix we show you how to properly disarm either the 503 or 582 system. Utilizing the engine’s electrical output is explained in detail showing you how to identify the various output wires and what you need to do to connect ignition switches, voltage regulators, and tachometers. Carburetor cabling can be a real chore for the novice. Video makes it clear and simple with detailed demonstrations of carb jetting and three-in-to-one actuation. We show you how to install all three Rotax gearboxes in clear and concise presentation that only a video can provide. This includes a detailed illustration of what tools are needed to perform the work as well as ways to accomplish certain tasks with a minimum of first time frustration. Just the kind of inside knowledge you can’t find in printed literature.

We show you exactly how to install any drive using all proper torque valves, Loctites, and sealants. The on-screen copy even gives you the wrench size you need for every step. The video also shows how to install senders, choose spark plugs, get the right coolant, optional radiators and oil tanks, and adjust propellers. Finally we show you how to properly mix fuel and perform the initial break-in. This 94 minute video, the fourth in our new series of instructional DVD’s.


Easy Access: Navigating your DVD is easy with our handy chapter and scene index booklet showing every screen title in chronological order. On-screen menus guide you quickly to any subject matter with a push of your remote control. Our DVD’s play on most any DVD player in any part of the world and are CSS Encrypted for piracy protection.

Picture Quality: The professional grade 3-chip (3CCD) cameras we use provide excellent clarity and picture quality. The on-screen copy gives you all proper toque valves, Loctites, and sealants for every step of the process, making flipping through reference material a thing of the past.

Experience: CPS President, Mike Stratman, is chief mechanic throughout the video providing you the narration and experience of nearly 30 years of in the Ultralight aircraft industry.

What’s Included in the package:

All our DVD’s include a chapter and scene index booklet showing every screen title in chronological order making navigation to a particular screen quick and easy.

Run Time: 94 Minutes



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