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1A1 Outlet, 6 Cu Ft Cylinder
1C1 Outlet, 9 Cu Ft Cylinder
1D1 Outlet, 13 Cu Ft Cylinder
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2D2 Outlet, 13 Cu Ft Cylinder
2E2 Outlet, 22 Cu Ft Cylinder
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2M2 Outlet, 22 Cu Ft Cylinder
4C4 Outlet, 9 Cu Ft Cylinder
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4D4 Outlet, 13 Cu Ft Cylinder
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4E4 Outlet, 22 Cu Ft Cylinder
4M4 Outlet, 22 Cu Ft Cylinder
6M6 Outlet, 22 Cu Ft Cylinder
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6F6 Outlet, 33 Cu Ft Cylinder
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Note: All systems include flowmeters and cannulas and require refilling adapter unless, at an airport.

Prior to the introduction of the Aerox system, wise pilots reserved the use of oxygen for situations where it was legally necessary, i.e. above 12,500 ft. This was often a practical decision based upon factors like Short duration of supply, uncomfortable masks, difficult & costly refills, heavyweight and large bulk. Aerox systems address these objections with advanced designs and materials that help make oxygen use easier, more comfortable, and less expensive than ever before. Add to your flying comfort by using oxygen at altitudes as low as 5000 feet.

Aerox Oxygen Systems include lightweight aluminum cylinders, regulators, all hardware, flowmeter, and nasal cannulas (masks available as an option). Oxysaver oxygen saving cannulas and Aerox Flow Control Regulators increase the duration of oxygen supply about four times and prevent nasal irritation and dryness. The Emergency Oxygen Packs are lightweight aluminum, refillable, & have no life limit. Just put on the mask and open the valve; no adjustment is needed. Complete brochure available on request.

Note: Comes with 500 series regulator.

Whats Included

  • Lightweight aluminum cylinders
  • Regulators (500 Series)
  • All hardware
  • Flowmeter
  • Nasal cannulas (masks available as an option)
  • Benefits

    • 1, 2, & 4 place
    • Standard Aircraft filler for easy filling
    • Convenient top-mounted ON/OFF valve
    • Equipped with Aerox standard plug sockets
    • Overpressure safety valve
    • Built-in cylinder pressure gauge
    • Accessories
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    All orders came through in good shape, and delivered on time. Thank you Bill Bean

    Billy R
    August 24, 2020

    Great product come full and ready to use with accessory!

    Jason L
    October 21, 2017

    Nice portable oxygen system, easy to setup, and easy to use in airplane at altitude. Not sure it lasts as long as advertised even with the mustache rebreather device.

    Steve K
    June 4, 2018


    Q: If I buy the Aerox High Duration A with two outlets (part number 13-18898) and I'm flying by myself, can I make it flow just to my mask or will the oxygen be also flowing out of the unused outlet?

    In this situation, the oxygen would only be flowing to your mask, not to the unused outlet.

    Q: What are the measurments for the 6 litre oxygen system? Also, does it have a dial to set altitude for air flow rate part? Part No. 13-18898

    3-1/4" diam x appx 17" in length. There is no dial but it has a needle valve which is used to adjust the flow.

    Q: What cannula type is included? The Aerox website lists several.

    These systems include the Oxy-Saver Cannula and also comes with a Re-Breather mask.

    Q: What are the cylinder measurements for both the 9 and 13 cubic foot (models 2C and 2D) Aerox oxygen systems?

    Per the supplier: 9 cu. ft is 4-3/8" diameter X 13" length, 5.6lbs and 13 cu. ft is 4-3/8" diameter X 19" length, 7.6 lbs.

    Q: What's the difference between an Aerox 4-E 22 cu. and a 4-M 22 cu.?

    The difference is in the shape of the cylinder. You can see with the images on this web page that the "E" cylinder is tall and thin and the "M" is a little shorter and fatter. Both have 4 outlets.

    Q: Do the Aerox high duration aviation oxygen system come pre-filled with oxygen?

    Yes, Aerox high duration aviation oxygen system comes filled with oxygen. Please note that if this is shipped outside the United States, The tank is depressurized for shipping purposes.

    Q: Re p/n 13-18900 Aerox oxygen system, your catalogue states that all Aerox portable oxygen systems come with a low profile series 500 regulator, but I see no mention of it on the website. Is this the case, and if so, could you please tell me what the overall height/length of the D cylinder is with the series 500 regulator installed. Thank you......Ken Smith

    Yes, these include the 500 series regulator. Per the supplier: Our D cylinder is 4-3/8" diameter and 19" in length.

    Q: How are the portable Aerox High Duration Oxygen Systems generally mounted on certified aircraft?

    These portable units are most commonly mounted with Aerox Padded Seatback Holders (See Accesories).

    Q: Is the refill adapter, part # 13-04540, needed to have the tank refilled at an FBO?

    Per Vendor: If you have a standard 500 series regulator you would be ok. The fitting on the servicing port for the regulator is the same as the one on most aircraft. If the FBO can't fill a Cessna, they won't be able to fill this cylinder without the adapter.

    Q: Does the Aerox 2D two place come with 2 cannulas?

    Yes, this would come with 2 cannulas.

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