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ASA iPad Kneeboard With Cover

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Part# 13-11701


A multitasking kneeboard that is both functional and durable.

This new iPad Kneeboard joins the iPad Portfolio Kneeboard in giving pilots greater flexibility to choose the “digital kneeboard” solution that’s best suited for them.

The iPad Kneeboard is a versatile case and kneeboard that helps pilots protect and use their iPad in flight and on the ground. The elastic strap secures the case to the pilot’s leg for in-flight use. The unique plastic cover keeps the iPad screen safe while maintaining full viewing and complete touch-screen functionality, and opens easily to insert or remove your device. The easel folds to position the iPad at a convenient “wedged” viewing angle; alternatively, it can lay flat. The pocket on the back offers room for papers and maps. Openings are provided for charger and headphone/earbuds.

Made of durable fabric with embossed wings. Fits the iPad, iPad 2, and New iPad (iPad 3).
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Easel folds up or down for optimal viewing and pocket provides access to charts and papers
  • Dock connector / power port accessible with the cover closed
  • Openings are provided for charger and headphone/earbuds
  • Fits both iPad, iPad 2, and New iPad (iPad 3)
  • Pocket on back offers room for papers and maps


Useless if you intend to use ForeFlight in flight. The retaining sides overlap the screen in a way that many buttons/features are inaccessible. I bought mine some years ago and I was to use it for the first time but I cannot because of this.

Michel T
August 14, 2020


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Q: Is the knee strap on this ASA iPad Kneeboard with Cover velcro?

Yes, the knee strap is velcro on this kneeboard.

Q: Will Asa Ipad Kneeboard With Cover kneeboard work with my Ipad Air?

Per the manufacturer, the Asa Ipad Kneeboard With Cover was not designed to be used with the Ipad air.

Q: What size tablet does this hold, what holds the tablet to the knee board?

9.7 inch tablet and it is held into the kneeboard with the elastic sleeve around the edges of the tablet.

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