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Flight Outfitters Dual Color Headlamp

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Part# 13-18183


Flying at night can be a daunting task. Having both hands free to handle the workload during these tense situations is extremely important. This dual color headlamp puts the right type of light right where you need it without tying up your hands. Dual switches allow you to turn on just the white light, or just the red light. This means you donít have to scroll through different lights and ruin your night vision. Each color of light has a high and low setting to maximize battery life.

Uses 3AAA batteries (included)

    BULB: CREE LED-4 red LEDs
    OUTPUT POWER: 80 lumens (white)
    BATTERY: use 3AAA
    RUNTIME: approx. 4 hours
    SIZE: 50 x 62.5 x 42mm
    WEIGHT: 2.3 oz (without batteries)

    Orange button controls CREE LED
    Gray button controls red LEDs

    ORANGE BUTTON: One Press: White High Brightness
    Two Press: White Low Brightness
    Three Press: White Off

    GRAY BUTTON: One Press: 2 Red LED on
    Two Pres: 4 Red LED on
    Three Press: Red off
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • White LED fload light for preflight
  • Red LEDs to preserve night vision
  • High and low settings
  • Focusing white flood light
  • Pivoting attachment point
  • Elastic band


Five Stars, a very good cockpit backup light source!

Brent B Verified Purchase


April 7, 2023

Love this headlamp! I bought one six years ago during my flight training and used it up until this past year for all of my night flights. The only reason it failed is the last set of batteries corroded, causing the red lamp to stop working. Definitely missed having it so I bought another.

Brian C Verified Purchase


July 26, 2022

Great for hands free illumination. Red lights significantly cut down wash out of your night vision.

Jonathan C Verified Purchase


February 11, 2022

The light works great inside and outside the cockpit.

Michael A Verified Purchase


August 24, 2021

Appears to be just what I needed for night flying in and out of the cockpit. No night flights yet, so cant be sure

Melvin R
August 31, 2020

The head lamp is excellent. It provides adequate illumination in the red mode to read all the instruments on the panel. The white light is good for working on the plane on the ground in the dark.

John F
November 29, 2018

Its nice to find a headlamp that allows you to choose either white or red light without having to toggle through settings to get there. All of the outdoor shops I looked through only had models where you had to cycle through modes to get through to the light you wanted. This either went through white light first, or you had to toggle through all power settings to get to the colour light setting you wanted... This is fine when outdoors but when you are flying at night having the bright mode white light come on, even for a moment, while getting to the red light will immediately kill your night vision. Not good. I am happy to report that this one you can toggle either white light or red light, depending on which button you click. You dont have to worry about killing your night vision with this one. I know this might seem like a silly requirement but you dont often leave your headlamp on once you get up to altitude and its nice to turn it off when trying to get your bearings out the windows. It can sit high enough on your head that you wont see it in your vision and it aims down almost 90 degrees so you can illuminate your lap while looking straight ahead. I have two gripes with this head lamp: 1) It does not memorize your last power setting. When you turn on either white or red light, one click is low, 2nd is high, 3rd is off..... I wish it wouldnt do that. Ive seen some outdoor ones where you hold the button to adjust brightness and it remembers it. Then its just 1 click on, 1 click off. 2) The red lights have 4 LEDs driving it, which result in a really weird looking pattern with a slanted bottom. The light is a bit awkward how it portrays outward. It works just fine, but when you look at it, its not just a blob of light, you can see the individual LEDs lighting the area up. If you dont have OCD like me, disregard this point and adjust the review to read 4.5 stars. Bottom line, its the best headlamp I was able to find that was aviation purposed and allowed me to toggle red light only without killing my night vision by going through white light modes. It also sells for a damned good price to boot.

October 18, 2019

Broke after one use, very flimsy made.

Dave W
January 18, 2021


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