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Hand-E-Holder™ Leg Strap Kit For Tablets

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Part# 13-11548


The Hand-e-holder™ Leg Strap kit allows you to view your iPad/tablet device as it is attached comfortably to your leg, while providing a 360 degree rotation. Ideal for aviation kneeboard use.

The Hand-e-holder™ Leg Strap Kit comes with the portable Mini Stand. The Mini Stand is clear acrylic and utilizes the Hand-e-holder™ strap and hand plate to give you 6 viewing positions. The Mini Stand still allows for the Hand-e-holder™ to rotate 360 degrees.

How does it attach to the tablet:

You attach the HAND-e-holder™ by using the supplied adhesive ring.
  • 1. Clean.
    Place your tablet, screen down, on a smooth, flat surface. Use the enclosed alcohol wipe to clean the back of your tablet. Let it dry.
  • 2. Attach.
    Determine where on the back of the tablet you want to secure the attachment ring. (Although we recommend the center of the tablet, choose the area that is most comfortable for you.) Peel the paper backing off the attachment ring. Using medium pressure, press the ring (sticky-side down) on the back of your tablet. Press down all the way around the ring so the adhesive is fully secure.
  • 3. Rock it. Lock it.
    Visually line up the Hand-e-holder over the newly attached ring. Hold the Hand-e-holder on the outside edges with your thumbs and fingers from both hands. Press down and firmly rock the holder back and forth until it locks in place and you hear two “clicks.”
  • 4. Adjust.
    Open the Hand-e-holder strap. Adjust it to fit your hand. You can now use your tablet securely and with a 360° rotation.
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Q: How does the Hand-e-holder IPAD Leg strap kit actually attach to the Ipad? I have a gumdrop casing around my Ipad that I need to find something that has some sort of adjustable attachment strap since it is slightly larger with the rubber cover around the edges.

We have added a video to the web page which shows how it attaches. We have also added more information to the "Overview" tab which should give you a better idea.

Q: Does the HAND-e-holder&#-2592;work on any tablet device?

Yes. The HAND-e-holder™ will work on any tablets with a plastic or metal surface. It will also work with tablets using hard shell cases and "skin" type backings.

Q: Can the adhesive ring be removed from your tablet device?

Yes. The adhesive attachment ring that is applied to the tablet device can be removed easily by peeling it from the tablet. Once the attachment ring is removed, if any adhesive residue remains on the tablet, it can be cleaned using a alcohol wipe or alcohol and a clean cloth. A replacement attachment ring will be needed to continue to use the Handeholder on your tablet. You can purchase attachment rings through the store.

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