Rid Odor Sport Spray 8 Oz

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Part# 09-02610
MFR Model# R.O.S 8OZ


Rid Odor Sport is a product that nearly every owner of a Single Engine/Multi Engine both pressurized and non-pressurized need! Why? Because there are two things that nearly ever aircraft owner fights, whether they hanger their aircraft or tied down. Moisture and Bacteria are the two major reasons why cabin spaces have terrific problems with "Odors".

First is moisture. Since most non-pressurized aircraft have window and door gasket leaks, they are very susceptible to water leaking into the cabin space and embedding into the carpet and upholstery. When this happens, the moisture turns into mold and mildew and the odors (malodor molecules) that are thrown off are not only nauseous to breath, but can also create serious "Health Issues". The second most difficult problem is "perspiration". Imagine sitting in a C-172 on the ramp in Phoenix AZ at 14:00Z in the middle of August and no air conditioning! When the pilot and passengers begin to sweat, they transfer perspiration into the fabric that the seats are made of. Once the perspiration is supplanted, the perspiration turns into "Bacteria" ! Perspiration in and of itself, has no odor. It is Bacteria that forms the perspiration that causes the "Malodor" to be present. In both cases, it leaves the inside of the cabin space smelling very "unsavory"!

Rid Odor Sport is chemically engineered and designed to be attracted to ALL Malodor molecules and the reasons for them being there. Everything that is organic is surrounded by atoms. All atoms have one thing singularly in common and that is that they are oriented with a positive (+) charged molecules. Rid Odor Sport is designed so that the each molecule inside our formula is constructed with a negative (-) charged molecule. When Rid Odor Sport is pump sprayed into the vicinity of all of the" Malodor Molecules (+) ", the Rid Odor Sport Molecules (-) are attracted and drawn in by Malodor molecules. Once they collide, the Sports molecule bonds to the malodor and destroys the malodor molecule. Unlike other products that just mask over the odor, Rid Odor destroys the malodor and leaves the inside of the cabin smelling like new !

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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