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Part# 02-03600


Assortment of at least ten pieces, in random lengths from 1 ft. to 5 ft., of rough, S2S or S4S remnants and cutoffs. A usable selection is assured. Approx. wt. 20 lbs.


Great bag of spruce

Christopher C
October 17, 2019

A great value. I was expecting more random lengths but almost the entire 40# was in 4 lengths and a good mix of width and thicknesses. I am starting to build small musical instruments and this will be perfect as well as for other craft projects.

John P
September 26, 2019

Just received my bargain box of spruce and I am ecstatic! I sent them a special request after submitting the order, because I had forgotten to add it when purchasing. I had honestly been stressing so much over it, not knowing what to expect. My worry was needless, as they went above and beyond what was expected and also all the wood pieces look great! Thank you so much!!! You’ve made my day!

September 25, 2019

Nice spruce pieces. Fast delivery too!

August 25, 2019

great deal!

H. S
August 8, 2019

Very nice stuff, measured out at 0.45 gms/cm^3 and 12 GPa. Right on the money. I’m using it for guitar bracing. Widest board was 7”, quarter sawn and perfect for small instrument tops. Better quality than bracing wood bought through the usual luthier supply houses.

April 11, 2019

I assumed out of 25 pounds of wood, I would get some useable and mostly knotted ends of scrap. Not the case...absolutely everything is usable in some way and out of the whole batch, only three small pitch pockets easily worked around. Some nice large, 1” thick boards and all the way down to a little 1x1-1/4x 1’. Very happy

Benjamin D
February 15, 2019

Very nice assortment of wood. would have liked a few wider pieces, but all in all very happy.

Charles A
January 13, 2019

A few hours after I ordered I got a nice call asking me if I was OK with high UPS shipping charge for this bundle. Trust me, you want this! When I saw and opened the huge box and great mix of wood inside I was thrilled. I was intending to using this for my RC airplane models but I also do general woodworking and much of this will also find a role in projects I didnt expect. Thank you!

Charles G
January 3, 2019

I received over 23 lbs and most of it looks quartersawn. Very satisfied!

Gary Z
May 19, 2018


Q: What width and thicknesses can I expect in this assortment?

These are random cut offs and the exact cuts cannot be anticipated in each bargain bag of spruce. However, the parameters of the cutoffs are such: anywhere from 1/4" to 1" thick x 2" to 6" wide x 1' to 5' long.

Q: Is this bargain bag Sitka spruce?

Yes. The bargain bags are cut off pieces of the Sitka Spruce we offer.

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