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T-88 is a non-brittle structural adhesive which gives superior finished results even when used under adverse working conditions. T-88 will cure in temperatures as low as 35F which makes it an excellent choice for homebuilders living in colder climates. It is recommended by the builders of many types of homebuilt aircraft and is excellent for bonding aluminum, steel or wood. When fully cured, it is not affected by water, oil, gasoline and most other chemicals.


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March 14, 2020

as always fast great services Thanks

Frank H
September 19, 2019

This was my 3rd order of epoxy for my VMAX build , product has never failed in strength, consistently easy to mix and works exactly like its purpose.

James G
August 1, 2019

When cured the adhesive is extremely tough. Ive used it plain and with thickening agent with great success

July 30, 2019

Great service and good packing

H. S
July 25, 2019

I have used this before. Great product.

Mel B
July 21, 2019

Such fast service and great communication. Thank you.

Diana K
March 22, 2019

Great product. Very strong. Quick shipping

Robert S
September 24, 2018

I needed some adhesive (epoxy or other) which would adhere firmly to aluminum. A bit of research let me to this product. Surface preparation is important (remove oxide layer) but it has stuck very well I did not attempt peel or tension tests on it, relying instead on the manufacturers data, but I am very pleased with the results.

Gordon R
August 20, 2018

Have seen clamping tests done by my father with under, nominal and over clamping of aircraft spruce. In all cases the wood failed before the T-88 bond did. This is really good epoxy, which Ive personally used in many building and repair jobs. I want more of it!

Brian W
December 10, 2017


Q: What is the shelf life of T-88 Structural Adhesive?

Per the manufacturer: There is no shelf life for this product. Shelf life is indefinite.

Q: In the larger quantities, does the epoxy bottles come with squirt nozzles for easy proportioning and mixing, or is it an open top container?

It is an open top container.

Q: What is the mix ratio of T88 Structural Adhesive?

The ratio is 1 to 1, resin to hardener.

Q: What sizes of T-88 are packaged in the squirt bottles as shown in the photo?

Both the 1/2 pint and 1 pint sizes are packaged as pictured.

Q: What is the approximately coverage in square foot for a quart of T-88?

Per supplier: approximatley 25 sq ft.

Q: What is the recommended surface preparation for an existing self-etched primed aluminum surface when using the T-88 Structural Adhesive?

You just need to make sure the surface is clean and smooth. Our guess is you are using a self-etching primer, like zinc-chromate, or zinc-oxide. T-88 should work fine over that as long as the prep is done properly for those primers was done correctly.

Q: Will T-88 bond titanium to aluminum?

This material doesn't have any information how well it works on titanium, but does work well with aluminum.

Q: Does the T-88 dry clear?

It does cure clear, but may have a cloudy look if used in large quantities.

Q: Is T88 safe to use with the bonding of aluminum and styrofoam? Does T88 remain flexible once it has cured? What's the working time for larger projects?

It will bond aluminum and styrofoam, they recommend clean etched aluminum. Once cured it is not elastic but also not brittle so it will have some flex. As for working time they recommend starting off with small 2-3oz batches that would have a 30 minute or so pot life. The larger the batch the shorter the pot life so it is better to mix multiple batches rather than one large batch.

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