The Complete Airflow Kit

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Part# 13-03577


The Complete Airflow Kit is a total system, created by Soros, Inc., that will improve the cabin air flow and passenger comfort in General Aviation aircraft, specifically Cessna aircraft.

Better airflow means more comfort
The concept is simple. For proper climate control in your aircraft's cabin, air that enters must be allowed to exit the aircraft in an efficient way. When air can't escape, the effect is like blowing into a bottle. The Complete Airflow Kit improves cabin air flow by approximately 30 percent. "That means you fly in greater comfort. Also the Heater performs better."

Why you need the Complete Airflow Kit
Historically, the Cessna cabin had sufficient air leakage to mitigate the air flow problem. As the aircraft have matured, they have been renovated with better insulation, and tighter seals around the doors and windows. These renovations have reduced the air leakage and, at the same time, decreased air flow in the cabin. The Complete Airflow Kit by Soros, Inc. will dramatically improve the air flow in your craft.

The Kit includes:
- Ventubes™ (pair) - controls air flow into the cabin.
- Cabin Exit Vents - allows air to exit to fuselage.
- Fuselage Exit Vent - allows air to exit the aircraft.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Would prefer to have provided a better rating. However, the two items I had a problem with is: 1. the cabin exhaust vents are rather poorly designed. They use bend tabs to attach the vent to the baggage compartment structure . 2. The instructions for installing the complete vent tubes system is poorly written and somewhat non-descriptive.

December 26, 2019


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