Door Steward Cessna Cardinal Left And Right Cabin Doors

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Part# 05-04251
MFR Model# 177C10


The Door Steward is an STC and FAA-PMA approved modification for aircraft doors. The modern gas spring greatly improves and replaces easily broken, malfunctioning mechanical type door stops and restraints that become ineffectual with repeated use and age. Pilots enjoy the fact that the Door Steward gently opens and firmly holds the door open. The Door Steward consists of a modern inert gas spring with all the necessary brackets and hardware. Detailed installation instructions are included and make it easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance. Model 177C10.
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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • With the Door Steward the door will open and stay open when needed
  • No more door flopping around in wind gusts or prop wash from taxiing aircraft
  • The cost is usually much less than repairing or replacing existing OEM door stops
  • Great on float equipped aircraft when water taxiing.
  • FAA Approved on many single and light twins.


  • Fits Cessna 177, 177A, 177B and 177RG


I didnt find any alternative but its a must be on every 177.

11819488 C Verified Purchase


September 22, 2022

High quality parts, very complete kit that includes everything needed for installation. Excellent step by step instructions with great pictures. took about 2 hours to install 1st side, 1.5 for the 2nd side. Works great, holds door open better then i expected.

Robert W Verified Purchase


March 24, 2022

Installation was very straightforward and I’m glad to have these installed. The doors open very smoothly and can be adjusted slightly to keep them from going full open, giving some cushion in case the wind catches them.

Rick H
October 25, 2021

Peace of mind: Our Cardinal is in a club & I try to teach people to pull up to hangar heading into the wind & to look for planes about ready to start their engine. Now I can relax & not worry about broken hinges any more.

Chinookflight L
March 29, 2021

Easy to install, works as advertised. Had both sides in in an afternoon. Not only handy and cool, but really less expensive than a door repair.

Cris A
May 22, 2017


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Q: Is this EACH, per the 1/ea statement, or a SET as in left AND right? Pricing seems to indicate SET, based on other aircraft units. Thanks

This is sold as a set.

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