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Handy Bearing Packer

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Part# 12-02578
MFR Model# LIS 34550


Quickly Flushes Out Old Grease and Repacks Bearings with Less Mess.

The Handy Packer works on bearings up to 3 1/2" O.D. The grease stays in the tool cavity, not on your hands. To pack a bearing, place the bearing on the piston. Press down on the cap until the old grease is forced out and the new grease shows on top of the bearing.

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Not a bad packer - grease is contained in the cup so somewhat less of a mess. after a few uses you have to take the excess grease that is pushed to the top and through the bearing rollers and put it back into the bottom section of the cup. Not any issue of concern though.

Integrity A Verified Purchase


April 23, 2022

Product is ok. Does the job as advertised. Price is TOO HIGH by $10 compared with others selling the identical product with the same part number

Robert M Verified Purchase


November 13, 2021

good tool to have

John D Verified Purchase


September 9, 2021

I dont understand why someone wouldnt clean out old grease and inspect the bearings before inserting new grease. If you take the time to do this, the packer works great.

March 12, 2021

This little jewel is slicker ‘n snot on a doorknob if you DIY your own wheel bearings,

Larry E
November 5, 2020

If you clean your old bearing first then you can easily use it by hand

Oly O
May 3, 2020

Worked exactly as advertised and repacked our bearings efficiently without the mess (or at least less of the normal mess)

Rob F
May 1, 2020

nice looking, easy to lad up with grease, easy to lube bearings

John H
January 3, 2020

Works perfectly. I read many of the negative reviews before purchase. Many people were saying how hard it is to press down. Not sure what kind of grease their using to pack a bearing but I used AEROSHELL 5 grease to pack my bearing and could easily press it down with one finger. A little baby could press the thing down!

John P
October 29, 2019

Ive been using this bearing packer for years. Much easier work flow and I stay cleaner to get the job done than doing it by hand. Many complain here that it is difficult to push this bearing packer together in order to push the grease through the bearing. Well, just step on it. Just step on it and turn your foot, while standing on it, 20 degree left then right 3 or 4 times, done. I position the bearing into the slot, as dirty as it comes out of the plane, put the bearing packer together, place a plastic bag over the whole thing (I use the same plastic bag for years, so Greta doesnt have a reason to cry) put the whole thing on the floor and step on it with my whole weight (200 lbs or so), do my left and right dance and 8.5 seconds later the work is done. The old grease is pressed out and replaced with new one. The old grease then can be removed with something like a stirring stick.

Erno O
September 28, 2019


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