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Anti-abrasion boot for your metal propeller It is more economical to protect your propeller blades with PROP GUARD than to continually file, dress, paint and balance your blades until they have to be replaced. Water, sand, rock, and airborne abrasives are constantly eroding your propeller. As the name suggests, this product can eliminate this destructive process. Virtually all propeller blade failures start as leading edge nicks.

PROP GUARD is a 0.018" thick clear anti-abrasion boot that is bonded to the leading edge of the propeller
PROP GUARD is made from a special high strength heat processed polymer engineered for centrifugal loads. It is NOT just a piece of tape!
Easy to install (approximately 20 minutes installation time)
No performance loss
Fully tested
STC FAA-PMA approved (minor alteration, no form 337 required)

*New installation kits come with tape for each prop blade / Repair kits come with tape for a single prop blade*

Kit Contents:
    2 Blade Kit:
    Repair kit:(1)12" strip Tape / New kit:(1) 24" roll Tape
    Lint-free cotton cloth or equivalent
    Prop-Guard adhesion accelerator
    Prop-Guard Supplemental Information
    Installation Instructions

    3 Blade Kit:
    Repair kit:(1)24" strip Tape / New kit:(1) 72" roll Tape
    Lint-free cotton cloth or equivalent
    Prop-Guard adhesion accelerator
    Prop-Guard Supplemental Information
    Installation Instructions


I’ve used Prop Guard for many years and swear by it. It significantly reduces the prop leading edge erosion from FOS and rain.

Jim G
August 25, 2020

Have installed this product on numerous aircraft, piston twins, single engines and single engine turbo props. Very pleased with the protection it gives to the propeller blades. Take your time with installation, very tricky, watch the YouTube video before installing. I would advise repainting the blades before installation.

October 31, 2019

good kit. Have to remember to get paint thinner and alcohol to clean the prop before using

Thomas B
October 9, 2018

Have used prop guard for many years on piper archer, exposed to loose gravel on ramp, etc. Never had adhesion issues, use kerosine then rubbing alcohol for application preparation with accelerator supplied in kit. When a small cut occurs from a strike it is possible to use a small dab of model glue to reseal. Durability has been two years however, now at annual I will replace. Great product to help preserve prop.

March 4, 2018

After years of using blade tapes similar to this on border patrol helicopters in the Arizona desert, I wanted to install it on our single engine piper with its factory new prop. After 2 years and a couple hundred hours, it is still hanging on. No rock damage to the leading edge. No peeling of the edges. A very good investment.

Eric P
May 10, 2017

This is the second aircraft I have used PropGuard on (Cessna Skywagon and Beech Bonanza). I have never had any issues with adhesion, so long as the surface was thoroughly cleaned prior to application. Supplied in the kit, is a tube of Adhesion Promoter Liquid. Mine on both aircraft has stayed in place until I needed to remove it for three years plus (as of now.) The Tip Ends do wear and get beat up over time requiring minor maintenance, but it is usually months or even years before I have needed to trim/remove the worn section and recover tip ends with slight overlap application to the ends. The product reduces blade maintenance, no nicks or wear, plus allows the blades to last longer as material does not need to be removed to resurface the edges. Finally, aesthetically, the paint on the propeller doesnt wear off the edges, so the prop blades always look nice.

Derek C
May 8, 2016

So far it great!!

Jon D
September 2, 2020

I have used prop guard on the rear prop of my Cessna M337B (O-2A) for more than 5 years. It does what it is supposed to do, and that is saying a lot considering the exposure of the rear prop on a Skymaster. Typically, I have to replace the cover on one blade every year. That is because the guard caught something that would have damaged the prop. There are also some issues with separation at the propeller tip, but this can be trimmed back within the allowable limits without further difficulty (until damage requires replacement.) Would rate this as 5 stars if owners could do it themselves, but that is probably unrealistic. Thinking about applying it to the front prop as well, to avoid grass abrasion, mostly during long period taxiing through grass at OSH.

Chris M
December 22, 2015

A&P installed according to instructions & video on a 1 year old prop on C182. After first flight had a small (1/16-1/8 in) cut on leading edge about 4 in from tip. No issue repairing - no further problems with repaired area. Third week - after 300 NM cross-country - there was what appeared to be a small cut on leading edge (1/8 - 1/4 in) about 9 in from tip, but this one resulted in the tape being bulged and torn (probably from air flow thru cut). Also resulted in pretty good nick on prop. It would require a repair kit. Prop Guard seems like good idea but doesnt seem practical if it requires frequent repair @ $60-90 plus material, every few weeks. Also wonder if tape is too soft. Removed tape after 3 weeks use. Cost of kit + roller + installation labor made it a very disappointing and expensive experiment.

James S
September 4, 2017

My mechanic installed on a 2 bladed c182 carefully following instructions under my supervision. Propguard started to peel off after just 15 hours of flight, and not on the leading edge but on the trailing edge of propeller. It protects well against rain and small debris, but having to repair or replace it every 15-20 hours is not worth it.

October 7, 2015


Q: What is the difference between the repair kit and the complete kit? We currently have this item installed on our C172E, but it needs to be replaced.

Per the supplier: The repair kits do not include enough material for both blades. They are only intended to repair small sections. If you intend to replace all that is there, then you will want to buy a complete kit.

Q: Do you have black version available of the Prop Guard?

Per the supplier: No, this product is only available in clear.

Q: Would it works for a carbon fiber prop (Prince aviation)?

These are made for Metal props only.

Q: It says for a 3 bladed prop install it comes with 72 in of tape. Is this correct?

The length of the tape is 92". This is the correct tape length for the three bladed prop.

Q: The 2 Blade New Install Kit includes a total of 24 of tape? New kit:(1) 24 roll So, only 12 of coverage per blade?

Yes, that is correct.

Q: Can you use the product on a propeller that is installed on a seaplane?

We do not see any restriction regarding seaplane applications.

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