Control Quadrant Upgrade Cirrus Sr22

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Part# 05-07193


Control Quadrant Upgrade for Cirrus SR22

Tamarack Aerospace Group’s Control Quadrant Upgrade results in greater fuel efficiency with reduced engine wear by means of a propeller RPM control lever. The Prop control lever for CIRRUS SR22 reduces noise significantly while providing a much more relaxing and enjoyable flight for both pilot and passengers.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Rich of Peak: Control Quadrant Upgrade Fuel Savings (Rich of Peak) – 135 KIAS Note the fuel savings when engine RPM is decreased from 2,500 RPM. When operating at lower RPM, significantly less fuel is consumed. At a constant 
135 KIAS, the fuel savings is about 7% when the engine RPM is reduced from 2,500 RPM to 2,250 RPM
  • Lean of Peak: Control Quadrant Upgrade Efficiency (Lean of Peak) – 6,000 feet The aircraft’s performance at different RPMs compared to 2,500 RPM at 6,000 feet altitude and 50°F Lean of Peak is illustrated here. As the RPM is decreased, fuel efficiency is improved (% Fuel Savings and NM/gal) and the airspeed decreases slightly (% KTAS). For example: At 2,000 RPM, there is nearly a 20% increase in fuel savings, an 18% increase in fuel efficiency (nm/gal) with only a 10% decrease in true airspeed. Therefore, at 2,000 RPM, the aircraft is flying more slowly but more efficiently. Compare this to the SR22 Pilots Operating Handbook’s example of: ISA conditions, 6,000 feet pressure altitude, 2,500 RPM and MAP of 23.5 in, the fuel flow is 14.1 GPH at 59% power and an airspeed of 162 KTAS.


  • Simple non-structural installation
  • Traditional propeller RPM control, enabling “oversquare” operations as in other high performance aircraft (Columbia/Corvalis, Mooney, Piper, Cessna, Beech, etc.)
  • Reduced fuel consumption, 1+ gallon per hour in cruise and 5+ gallons per hour in a cruise-climb
  • Pays for itself in approximately 200 hours of operation
  • Dramatically reduced cabin noise and vibration
  • Airport/environmentally friendly noise abatement
  • Reduced engine wear and operational costs
  • Boost pump LED to remind pilots
  • Easy installation and easy return to OEM status
  • Compatible with the CIRRUS SR22



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