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Part# 11-08748
MFR Model# 331366-0010


Ear Cushions
Ensure the performance and comfort level of your A20 aviation headset. Use as a replacement for lost or damaged ear cushions. Cushions are identical to original set included with new A20 headset and are made of supple, breathable protein leather.

Headband Cushion
This soft wool replacement cushion kit helps keep your A20® aviation headset comfortably in place. Contoured headband cushion replaces worn cushions and attaches with Velcro for easy installation and removal.

Mic Windscreen
This foam replacement microphone screen reduces ambient noise and helps keep wind pressure from activating the microphone. Screen slides easily over headset microphones and is secured with supplied rubber grommet.

Kit Includes

  • Ear Cushions
  • Headband Cushion
  • Mic Windscreen
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Perfect fit.

October 13, 2019

The refresh kit is great. From Bose, perfect fit. My ear seal had just started to deteriorate after 4 years. New seals, head cushion and mic muff. Like brand new.

October 4, 2019

Bose factory replacement parts. Perfect fit and the headset feels like new!

Ryan H
June 13, 2019

Easy installation headset is like new again.

May 20, 2019

Took about aggravating minutes to install but fit nice. Feel like the original ones did. A bit pricy but that is how you spell Bose.

March 6, 2019

All three parts worked great.

February 2, 2019

Easy to install and made my headset seem like new again. Shipping was on time.

James H
January 27, 2019

Return 2 sets of 2010 Bose A20 headsets to factory new condition. Ear cushions take a little finesse to get back into place but its not hard or something you could hurt. Worth the couple of extra bucks to have Bose parts.

Jeff W
January 24, 2019

Easy to install and makes headset feel brand new again.

Matt C
January 17, 2019

Easy to install, great quality, my A20s are now like new

Paul L
January 17, 2019


Q: Will the A20 Service Accessory Kit work on Bose X headset?

While the ear seals are extremely similar in size, the A20 uses slightly wider seals. Bose recommends using the Bose X kit for a bose X and the A20 kit for an A20.

Q: Is this Bose A20 Service kit made by BOSE?

Yes. All items in this kit are manufactured by Bose.

Q: Does this kit come with the Velcro prices used to attach the headband pad? I need to replace one on my A20.

No, this does not come with Velcro.

Q: Are these genuine BOSE A20 parts?

Yes, these are Bose genuine parts from Bose.

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