EZ -3 Altitude Hold System

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Part# 11-06552
MFR Model# EZ-3


The EZ-3 incorporates all of the features of the EZ-2 and adds the ability to pre-select a destination altitude. Once engaged, the system will initiate a climb/descent to the target altitude at a vertical speed that the pilot has previously specified. The vertical rates may be adjusted at any time during the climb/descent.
The internal altimeter is easily adjusted to compensate for changes in barometric pressure, using the primary aircraft altimeter as a reference.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Altitude PreSelect - Set Target Altitude
  • Fully Adjustable Climb/Descent Rates - Pilots may also use PCS (Pilot Command Steering) to Transition to "Climb-Descent on Airspeed" at any time.
  • Smooth Intercept of Target Altitudes



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Q: Is there anything else that must be purchased with this system for it to work? I currently have the original single axis auto pilot installed over 30 years ago in my C-182RG and would like to upgrade. Also, how much installation time is required?

This is unit is for experimental aircraft only. It can not be installed in any certified aircraft.

Q: I have a Trio EZ pilot autopilot; will the EZ-3 work with it?

Yes and No, the EZ-3 is a stand alone pitch autopilot system and will not talk to any other autopilot system. You could use in conjunction with a roll autopilot system but would have to control each separately.

Q: Can this fit a Piper Cherokee p28 140?

This is unit is for experimental aircraft only. It can not be installed in any certified aircraft.

Q: I have ez-2 can I install the ez-3 with out any wiring change

Yes the wiring is the same.


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