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The GAD 27 electronic adapter unit offers multifunctional interface capabilities to bring additional control inputs and systems integration to the G3X Touch™ glass cockpit system. By consolidating functions that otherwise would require several individual adapter modules, the GAD 27 adapter provides a much more efficient, weight-saving and affordable solution that adds capability while streamlining installation.

Six Functions, One Small Box
For aircraft builders and owners who want more cockpit controllability from their G3X Touch display systems, the GAD 27 offers an array of useful interfaces. Its key functions run the gamut from electronic flap position control and configurable dimming for lighting circuits to 3-axis aircraft trim mixing, “wig-wag” exterior lighting control, configurable discrete inputs and voltage bus stabilization to keep all essential avionics online during engine startup.

Programmable Flap Controller
By wiring the aircraft flap control motor and switch to the GAD 27, discrete flap positions can be programmed from the G3X Touch display, enabling the flap motor to automatically drive the flaps to preset positions, based on pilot input. The result: more precise control of flap settings on your aircraft — along with an airspeed inhibit function to help prevent unintentional flap deployment at high airspeeds.

Integrated Control of Lighting Circuits
Up to 3 aircraft lighting dimmer knobs can be integrated with the GAD 27 adapter to provide control for a configurable combination of up to 6 lighting circuits. Avionics lights, map lights, interior lighting circuits — you can preset everything to be controlled from a primary rotary knob or assign specific dimming functions to individual knobs. The system works with DC or PWM lighting or both. And configuration of the lighting profile for each circuit can be accomplished through the G3X Touch display.

Wig-wag Exterior Lighting Aids Visibility
For improved visibility on taxiways or in high-traffic airspace, the GAD 27 works with commonly used high-intensity and LED lighting systems, allowing you to program alternate flashing sequences between your aircraft’s taxi and landing lights. This pulsating effect, popularly termed "wig-wag," makes your aircraft easier to see and identify in all conditions. Also, with G3X Touch, you can program a preset warm-up time for this function to help protect and extend the life of your lighting system.

Aircraft Trim Mixing for Pilot, Co-pilot
The GAD 27 adapter accepts trim switch inputs from both the pilot and co-pilot controls to provide trim mixing capability. Switches used on the pilot/co-pilot control sticks are connected to simple discrete inputs and no longer supply the trim motor power or control relays.

Configurable Discrete Inputs
Up to 9 discrete inputs for user-defined sensor/system data (speed brakes, landing gear, status lights, etc.) can be accommodated via the GAD 27 to provide crew advisories or other data functions on the G3X Touch flight displays.

Voltage Stabilizer for Consistent Power
For light aircraft that may not have a redundant power source, the GAD 27 adapter can be used as a voltage stabilizer to maintain a consistent power bus output of 12 V, preventing high-draw situations such as engine startup from dropping your avionics off-line. Your G3X Touch display stays lit, your engine monitoring reference stays powered up, and you’re able to maintain a stable, continuous power flow during momentary high current draw situations.

More Control at Your Fingertips
Unlike single-function adapter modules that have to be wired, installed and configured individually, the GAD 27 is a much simpler and more versatile solution. Just use your G3X Touch display screen to select the functions and program the modes you want for your aircraft. You can access everything right from your panel. So, interface settings are far easier to select, update, manage and review.


  • Dimensions: 3.78"W x 3.57"H x 6.53"D (9.6 x 9.1 x 16.6 cm); includes connector kit
  • Weight: 0.97 lbs (0.44 kg) with connector
  • Input voltage: 14 V
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November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018


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Q: I need the GAD 27 and connector kit for Certified aircraft, is this the Certified Unit?

This unit, part # 10-05937, is for experimental aircraft only.

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