Icom IC-R6 Sport Handheld Receiver - USA

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Part# 11-12975


Retaining the basic features of the very popular IC-R5, the IC-R6 features are further refined with a 100 channel / sec scanning speed, 1300 memory channels, 15 hours of continuous receive capability and voice control squelch. All this combined with Icom's reputation of superior receiver performance at a reasonable price.

100 kHz 1309.995 MHz*
wideband coverage

While the IC-R6 receives an ultra wideband frequency range, the radio provides superior sensitivity and receiver characteristics that is insusceptible to interference. Amateur stations, AM, FM, short wave broadcasts, TV audio* and a variety of utility communications can be caught and listened to.
Frequency range depends on version. Analog TV audio only. Cannot decode digital TV audio.

100 channels per second high speed scan
The IC-R6 has 100 channels per second high speed scan capability*. This superior scanning power allows the utmost efficiency when search over 1300 MHz of spectrum!
VFO mode scanning.

15 hours of continuous receive capability*
The IC-R6 is energy-efficient, designed to provide many hours of listening enjoyment on a single charge. With two AA batteries, the IC-R6 provides up to 15 hours of continuous receive capability*.
At 50 mW output using external speaker.

1300 memory channels with 22 memory banks
With 1300 alphanumeric memory channels, 50 scan edges and 200 auto write memories, the IC-R6 gives you flexible scanning. Use the bank link scan feature to choose from and connect any of the 22 memory banks.

VSC (Voice Squelch Control)
The VSC opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores un modulated beat noise. It is a handy feature for those listeners who are scanning for talk, news and music, but not data bursts or beacons.

Multiple power choices
The IC-R6 can be run from AA batteries, using an AC adapter BC-196S (sold separately), or via optional cigarette lighter cable, CP-18.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Built-in audio low pass filter
  • 1.0ppm high frequency stability (at 25C)
  • Earphone cord antenna for AM broadcast
  • Ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast
  • 150mW loud audio with internal speaker
  • DTCS and CTCSS tone squelch and reverse tone squelch
  • Priority watch function with priority beep function
  • Auto power OFF (0.5-2 hours and end of busy signal)
  • Compact, dip-resistant construction
  • Duplex operation monitoring
  • Automatic LCD backlight
  • Dial speed acceleration
  • Built-in RF attenuator
  • Auto memory write scan stores the detected frequency, mode and tone into a specified memory
  • Reversible up/down buttons and dial knob for volume, frequency, memory channel, scan direction and set mode settings
  • Weather channel receive with weather alert


  • Frequency coverage: 0.100 - 1309.995 MHz (Cellular blocked; U.S. version)
  • Mode: AM, FM, WFM
  • Tuning steps: 5, 6.25, 8.33*, 9*, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50,100, 125, 200 kHz
  • Number of memory channels: 1300 regular, 50 scan edges and 200 auto memory write
  • Usable temperature range: +14 F to +140 F
  • Frequency stability: 1.0ppm (25 degree C)
  • Battery requirement: 2xR6 (AA) size Ni-MH or Alkaline cells
  • Optional External Power Supply: 4.5V DC rated (4.5-6.3V with BC-196SA/SD, CP-18A/E)
  • Antenna impedance: 50 ohm (SMA)
  • Dimensions:58(W)x86(H)x29.8(D) mm
  • Weight: 7.1 oz



Unfortunately cant figure out how to program the scan feature. Also, the IC-R6 cannot demodulate single side band amateur radio (ham) signals. This is a frustration, as one night the 40 meter ham band (7-7.3 MHz) was active with SSB, but couldnt make out what they were saying. I strongly suggest adding a beat frequency oscillator (BFO) to future versions of the IC-R6.

Alex K
October 9, 2017


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Q: Can a intercom be hooked to this for 2 place?

This is a receiver only, it cannot be hooked to an intercom.

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