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Part# 11-17236
MFR Model# A16


The A16 is built tough and rugged like all Icom radios. It is the smallest radio with the loudest audio on the market, featuring 1500 mW of powerful clear audio. Packed with 6 watts of power for longer range, the A16 is also waterproof to IP67 standards. The A16 is the ideal flight companion for the student pilot, for ground crew with one hand operation on the flight line, or as a back up in your ditch bag. Its 2400mAh Li-ion battery lasts over 17 hours, and the radio includes a sit-in rapid charger.


  • Full keypad to input the channel or frequency directly
  • Exclusive button for 121.5MHz emergency channel
  • Side tone function to hear your own voice via a third party aviation headset
  • LCD backlight for night time operation
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Low battery indication and beep alert
  • Adjustable microphone gain setting
  • BNC type antenna connector
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Internal VOX capability
  • Weather alert
  • 1500 mW loud audio provides clear communication
  • 6 W (PEP)/ 1.8 W (carrier) RF output power
  • Larger capacity battery pack provides 17 hours* of long battery life
  • * With BP-280 (P/N:11-17238). Typical operation with TX: RX: Standby = 5:5:90 (Bluetooth* OFF, backlight OFF)*


Frequency Coverage
Rx (Weather)

118.000C 136.99166 MHz
108.000C 136.99166 MHz
161.650C 163.275 MHz
Type of emission 6K00A3E, 5K60A3E, 16K0G3E (Weather)
Channel spacing 8.33 kHz/25 kHz
No. of memory channels 200 channels
Antenna impedance 50 (BNC type antenna connector)
Power supply requirement 7.2 V DC
Current drain (at 7.2 V DC)
Tx High
Rx Max. audio
Rx Stand-by

185 A
650 mA
65 mA typical
Operating Temperature Range -10C to +60C; -14F to +140F
Dimensions (WHD) 52.2 111.8 34.1 mm,
2.1 4.4 1.3 in (with BP-280)
Weight (approx.) 257 g, 9.1 oz (with BP-280)
Output power (at 7.2 V DC) 6.0 W (PEP), 1.8 W (carrier)
Frequency stability 0.4 kHz
Audio harmonic distortion Less than 10% (at 60% modulation)
Spurious emissions More than 46 dB*
Intermediate frequency

46.35 MHz
450 kHz
Sensitivity (typ)
COM (at 6dB)
NAV (at 6dB)
Weather (at 12dB)

Less than 0 dB
Less than 3 dB
Less than C8 dB
Squelch sensitivity (Threshold) Less than 0 dB, Weather: Less than 5 dB
Hum and noise More than 35 dB (at 30% modulation)
Spurious response More than 60 dB, Weather: More than 30 dB
Audio output power
Internal speaker
External speaker
1500 mW typical
More than 350 mW
(AM 8 60% modulation at 10% distortion)
Ext. speaker connector 3 conductor 3.5 (d) mm
*Except operating frequency 62.5 kHz in 25 kHz channel spacing, and operating frequency 20.825 kHz in 8.33 kHz channel spacing.

In The Box

  • IC-A16 VHF Air Band Transceiver
  • BP-280 battery pack
  • BC-213 rapid charger
  • BC-123SA AC adapter
  • FA-B02AR antenna
  • MB-133 belt clip
  • Hand strap
  • Accessories
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fast shipping, great product

Trischa T
February 25, 2021

Works as advertised, was surprised at the compact size! Only half the size of my old Icom and half the wieght.

July 23, 2020

Perfect for what I use it for. Had great experience with ICOM radios.

Hugo R
December 13, 2019

I am very happy with this radio. Itâs very well made, compact, and very reasonably priced. Nice handheld radio.

Roger W
August 23, 2019

I like the size and power that this product brings. I use it when working around our airport as well as when I am visiting various Fly-ins.

Andy W
August 22, 2019

Just received the unit and unboxed, very well built, rugged and looks like it should last many years. Am always impressed with ICOM products, rock solid. You just dont see work like this anymore. Working with Aircraft Spruce was a pleasure as always, courteous, responsive and right on top of the order. Well done.

David C
May 17, 2019

The initial Bluetooth pairing to my Lightspeed headset failed over and over- at least ten times. It finally worked and has stayed paired.. Itâs a typical Icom that replaced my Icom IC-A23. The included desktop charger is an added bonus.

Stephen R
August 22, 2020


Kevin M
August 26, 2019


Q: Does the same headset adapter that is available for the a14 work with the a16? I do not see that listed in the accessories for the a16. Or can you plug your headset directly into it?

The A16 has a very specific headset adapter OPC-2401, so the same headset adapter will not work. Our part number for the headset adapter is 11-17397. Per the manual the A16 is capable of connecting via bluetooth, if the headset has that capability.

Q: Has the transmit power for this Radio been increased from the earlier A14? I thought the max transmit power was limited to 5w for all handhelds. I see the A16 has 6w transmit pwr.

Per Icom: Transmit output power for the Icom A16 is 6.0 W.

Q: Is there a cigarette plug charging option for the A16?

Yes, ICOM A16 has a cigarette plug charging option PN# CP-23L, our part # 11-18551 (see accessories).

Q: Do you know if this Icom A16 radio is certified for use in Canada, and if so what the certification number is?

Per Icom, you are able to use this in Canada, however, there is no certification number as it is a handheld radio.

Q: I like the simplicity BUT, is the Icom A16 capable of storing several frequencies or we must type the new one each time?

Per the specifications, you can store up to 200 frequencies.

Q: Does this Icom A16 Radio have sidetone when using a headset?

Yes, part # 11-17236 does have side tone via using a third party aviation headset.

Q: Can I connect the Icom A16 charger to 220V power.

Yes, you can connect to 220v.

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