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Clarity Aloft Pro Plus Headset - TSO Certified

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Part# 11-13294


The Pro Plus is designed for the discerning professional pilot who needs the ultimate in performance in a TSO certified headset. Robust wiring, exceptionally stable microphone boom, and our legendary comfort combine to make this the best option for the career pilot. The fact that the hearing protection is so good that it can go seamlessly from an airliner to an aerobatic plane just adds to the appeal of the Pro Plus.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

In The Box

  • 6 pairs of medium tips
  • Sample pairs of small and large tips
  • Semi-rigid ballistic nylon carrying case
  • 1 lapel clip
  • Quick Start Guide


Great product. I wish I knew what the TSO version offered vs the non-TSO version offered. Went for the more expensive option but don’t know if the price point was worth it. Overall good product.

Ryan M Verified Purchase


May 31, 2024

Love my Claritys. Over 1000 hours flight time with them now, combination of piston GA and jet (121). A few years ago something broke inside the junction box, after the warranty had expired, and the manufacturer fixed it for free (only my cost to ship it to them), which I thought was great. For the best noise reduction, you have to roll the foam tips in your fingertips before inserting them in your ear canal. Seems obvious, but sometimes people dont realize you cant just shove the thing in there (same as hearing protection disposable foamies... its basically the same, highly complicated two-step procedure that is pictorially depicted on the packaging for those). Dunno why people complain that these dont completely eliminate all strange noises made by the airplane. Just my opinion, but what pilot actually doesnt want to be aware of those noises?? One thing, the large (black) fits my right ear best and the medium (gray) fits my left. Thats just me though. The ear pieces last about 50-100 hours before they gradually start letting in noise. The change in feel and quiet is noticeable when you change them out at around this time.

Jim C
January 6, 2020

Really like these headsets in my Pitts. Having used the non TSO’d version for a couple years until I broke them (not the fault of the headset) I would highly recommend the TSO’d version as the boom for the mic is much better.

Brandon G
September 27, 2019

This was a terrific purchase, we are very happy with them!

Elizabeth R
January 7, 2018

I purchased the top of the line setup, with the Clarity TSO Pro Plus and a Bluelink both, simultaneously. I did not have time to fly with the new headsets on any short trips while stateside to test them. I am now in central Africa carting around these headsets, whos right earpiece doesnt work. I am disappointed to say the least. Quality Control checks are clearly not being accomplished prior to shipment.

October 12, 2018


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Q: Does the same 30 day money back guarantee apply to the CLARITY ALOFT PRO PLUS HEADSET - TSO CERTIFIED as they do for the all the other CLARITY ALOFT headsets?

Yes, the Clarity Aloft Pro Plus headset comes with the same money back guarantee as the other Clarity Aloft headsets.

Q: Which type of connector is the Clarity Aloft Pro Plus Headset outfitted with?

This headset is outfitted with dual GA plugs.

Q: What is the warranty on the Clarity Aloft Pro Plus headset?

Part # 11-13294 has a 30 day Money back Warranty and a 3 year mnaufacturer's Warranty.

Q: Is there a Lemo plug version?

No, this is outfitted with a dual plug configuration. You would need an adapter to use it in a Lemo environment.

Q: I am unsure if this headset will work for me, if I purchase it can I return it if I’m not satisfied under the 30 day warranty?

Yes, Clarity Aloft offers a 30 day return policy if you find the headset is not to your liking.

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