Quickie Antenna Kit

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Part# 11-09800


Simple installation procedure produces excellent communications antenna. Order additional kit for navigation antenna.
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In The Box

  • 3M Copper Antenna Tape 3/8
  • Coax Cable RG 58A/U Non-Cert
  • HB Comm Antenna Installation Instructions
  • Toroids for Cozy Quickie Antenna Kit
  • BNC Male Crimp Connector For RG58
  • BNC Female Crimp Connector For RG58
  • Accessories
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Darrin T
December 1, 2019

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June 23, 2021


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Q: How long is the cable, what type of cable and what is included in kit?

It is a 15 foot RG 58 coax cable with copper antenna cable, male and female BNC connectors and other antenna install parts.

Q: Does the kit come with building instructions? How many comm antennas can be made using a single kit?

The Quickie Antenna Kit does come with instructions. It comes with a 15 foot RG 58 coax cable with copper antenna cable, male and female BNC connectors and was designed for one antenna.

Q: Do the fittings work with the ICOM A-6 radio?

Yes. The Icom A6 will accept a bnc male connector, which is included in the kit.

Q: How long is the copper antenna itself?

Copper Antenna Tape: 3/8" X 54 ft long

Q: That is not correct. That is the length of your Part # 11-12900. I asked what is the length of the antenna in Part # 11-09800? I expect it to be less than 3 feet long

The length of the coax cable is 15 feet.

Q: Does the kit include a ground plane? How long is the actual copper foil?

It does not include a ground plane. The copper foil included is about 4 feet.

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