RAMI Replacement Radial Rod For The AV-5

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Part# 11-14054
MFR Model# 2-28-17


Rami replacement radial rod for the AV-5 Ground Plane base station antenna.


From the standpoint of a commercial electrician working on an upscale hangar complex, I will admit that the VHF antenna I was installing was a fairly new thing for me. However, the Rami Av-5 came with detailed instructions and everything needed to install. The only thing the instructions lacked was warning meat-fisted installers that the radial arms are delicate and not to rest the antenna on them while you get your U bolts to install. Sure enough one broke. Now I am imagining that an expensive antenna has been rendered useless due to my mistake. Enter Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. By just entering the manufacturer and model number, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. website came up with examples of parts that are ordered for that very antenna! Their website is easy to navigate and almost effortlessly I was looking at the part I needed. Even more of a surprise was that it in stock and it was less expensive than the freight charges to get it to me. Long story short Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. is obviously aware that this particular item is easy to break, and with that knowledge they could charge easily double for that particular item. But they did not. And on top of that, they got it to my door as advertised and packaged to ensure that it arrived safely. *Side note to installers : Hang the main antenna before putting on the radial arms.*

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August 11, 2020


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