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Sigtronics Transcom III Portable 6-Place Stereo Intercom - Spo-63

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Sigtronics Transcom III intercoms provides the ability to make and receive cell phone calls through the intercom. Use stereo or monaural aviation headset to listen to music and still have the capability to communicate with air traffic control.

Trancom III Models: Intercoms are available in Standard and High Noise Environment versions (N models).
6- Way: SPO-63 and SPO-63N


  • Make and receive cell phone calls through the intercom.
  • Works with Stereo or Monaural Headsets.
  • Includes a cell phone / music input cable and a cable for DC aircraft power.
  • Operates on 9-volt battery (included) or aircraft power.
  • Radio priority assures that ATC hears only the crew member transmitting.
  • Push to Talk Switch inputs for both pilot and copilot.
  • Warranty: The Transcom III is constructed of high quality components carries a five year parts and labor warranty.


  • Weight: 13.8 oz. with battery and auxiliary power cord
  • Size: 4" x 2.9" x 2"
  • Maximum Current Drain: 0.05 amps
  • Power: 11-34 VDC
  • Volume Control: Controls intercom volume
  • Squelch Control: This control is normally used to adjust for variations in background noise found in different aircraft. Squeich setting also affects outgoing cell phone mic audio.
  • Stereo/Mono Switch: Set for the type of headsets (stereo or monaural) plugged into the intercom.
  • Auxiliary Jack: Accepts a 1/8" standard 3 conductor mini stereo headphone from your portable music source or a 1/8" 4 conductor plug for cell phone connection.


Auxiliary Audio:
Input from a portable stereo music source or a cell phone for music and phone calls. Included Aux cable can be used for either purpose. Just plug one end into your device and the other into the Transcom III AUX jack.

Battery Or Aircraft Power:
The Transcom III is powered by an internal 9V battery enabling up to 13 hours of operation in airplanes lacking a cigarette lighter socket. An auxiliary 4 foot power cord with LED Power Indicator is supplied for use in airplanes which have a socket.

Voice Activated:
The voice activation features allows "hands-free" communication between all headsets plugged into the Transcom III. Start speaking and the intercom instantly turns on (no clipping) to replay your message clearly to other headsets; stop talking and it turns off to reduce background noise.

Use your portable push-to-talk switch for transmitting to air traffic control. Transmitting can be accomplished from two positions (pilot and copilot). The intercom function is automatically disabled during transmitting, so that only the voice of the person transmitting goes over the air. However, the transmitting person's voice is heard at all the headset positions via the intercoms side-tone output. This feature is especially valuable to the instructor and the student who wish to monitor each other's transmissions.

Fail Safe Radio Communications:
Even with the intercom "OFF", the pilot can hear all radio communications and can transmit through the aircraft radio using the headset boom mic.
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