Part# 11-02794
MFR Model# SPO-22


Discover the dramatic improvement in flight cabin conversation with Sigtronics' Transcom II. Pilot-to-Passenger hands-free conversation, radio transmit capability, battery power or auxiliary power, and input-output source all rolled up into one! All standard aircraft headsets and portables push-to-talk switches are compatible with the Transcom II. A music input makes long trips more enjoyable for crew and passengers, and an audio output records flight dialog for post-flight review, a great training tool for any pilot. Coupled with a standard 5-year manufacturer's warranty, this is a sure-fit for all students, instructors, and aircraft renters.

Powered by an internal 9V battery (included), the SPO-22 is good for 40 hours of operation in airplanes lacking a cigarette lighter socket. A 4-foot Aux power adapter is included to allow for seamless operation on either battery or 11-34 Volt DC aircraft power. When using the power cord, the battery is by-passed, preserving the life of the battery.

High Noise Version
The Transcom II is available in a High Noise Environment version. The SPO N Series intercom incorporates special high-noise circuitry that works well in ultra-lights, helicopters, open cockpit aircraft, and with handheld radios. It filters out background noise, lowers the input level at mic amp, increases output signal, and mic interface can be modified to interface with Icom radios. Also features a sidetone modification.

Made in USA.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Weight: 14 oz with battery and auxiliary power cord
  • Size: 4" x 2.9" x 2"
  • Power: 11-34VDC
  • Maximum Current Drain: 0.05 amps
  • Environmental: TSO-C50b


Carl F Verified Purchase


May 12, 2023

It works well and I am pleased. One change I would make is to have a little more space between the headset and push to talk sockets so a 90 degree plug can be used for a low profile. That keeps the wires closer to the wall or floor where it is mounted while not sticking up in the way.

June 25, 2017

Awesome 2-place portable intercom. We use it with a handheld Sporty's radio as a backup for our in-dash Garmin radio. Works very well, low noise, squelch and volume adjustable, PTT available but we just use the Sporty's radio button to transmit, and the intercom stows nicely in our glove box. Very inexpensive addition to allow completely redundant radio and intercom for two headsets in our 2 seat aircraft. Love It. A backup totally independent of the aircraft in-dash radio and intercom in case the electrical system fails.

David G
September 2, 2015


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Q: Can I add an expansion module to make a 4 place out of the SPO-22 2 place intercom?

No, you will have to send it direct to Sigtronics to be worked on to allow the expansion.

Q: Can this intercom be connected to a portable transceiver for communication? Do you have any recommendations on a transceiver to match up with it?

Yes, we recommend either the Icom or the Yaesu portable radio's for use with the Sigtrnoics intercom. You will also need the headset adapter for whichever radio you choose and part number 11-02806 if you would like a PTT switch to attach to the yoke.

Q: Does the Sigtronics SPO-22 2 place intercom come with the auxiliary power/lighter socket cord?

Yes, the auxiliary power cord is included with this unit.

Q: Can this Sigtronics SPO-22 be plugged in to an existing 2-place (co-pilot side) to expand it to a 3-place intercom for the rear set passenger?

No this will not work as this two place intercom is intended to override your current system and can only be plugged into the pilot side jacks.

Q: Can the SPO-22N be configured for an ICOM-A24 handheld? Specifically, which PTT socket is used the female plug on the ICOM headset adapter 11-18537 or the XMIT-SW plug on the intercom? Will a separate PTT switch then work for the passenger?

You can use 11-18529 for the PTT to work on the headset adapter.

Q: What are the impedance values required for both the microphone and headphone speakers? Will it work with both dynamic and electret mics?

As long as the headset is a general aviation headset you can use this intercom.

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