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Part# 11-12100
MFR Model# WWP103


Similar to PT-300, this top quality switch is offered at considerable savings. Features gold contacts for durability. 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Note: Not intended to be used for panel mount intercoms or audio panels. Portable intercom use only.


I had been concerned because of some problems others had. However, my switch worked with no problem and is exactly what I ordered. I have it paired with my headset and the Yaesu 550 radio. Everything works like a charm while I await my new Garmin radio.

Henry G
June 24, 2018

Product needed to be adapted to fit into my panel wiring.

David H
July 10, 2020

Took it apart to use the switch alone as a replacement part. So far so good.

March 29, 2018

The 2 units I received did not work. The Mic was not wired through. I took the units apart and fixed the wiring.

Norcal A
October 4, 2016

Switch was not reliable. Sometimes it would key the mic and sometimes not. Had to replace it with a better brand.

Craig M
April 15, 2016


Q: What panel jack will I need with this switch?

This portable PTT is not designed to work with a panel jack. I is intended to be used in line with a headset and portable intercom. If you need a PTT for you panel mounted radio you will need to buy a stick or yoke mount PTT and wire it. It is a .206 plug.

Q: What is the Warranty on the Economy Push-to-talk switch?

This would be covered by our standard 30 day warranty. As this product is really popular with no reported issues, if you were ever to encounter a problem after purchase, please give us a call and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.

Q: This PTT has a female and a male plugs. Can you please explain what is connected in each one? I have a A6 radio and portable intercom.

For the Icom A6, you will need to use the Icom PTT switch part number 11-18529.

Q: I made a mistake and bought this PTT for a panel mounted radio. Is there any way to adapt it?

No, panel mount and portable units are not cross compatible.

Q: Can I use the Economy PTT switch with a handheld Icom A-24 and a headset? It will be in an ultralight.

Yes, this can be used with the Icom A24 radio but Icom recommends using their PTT switch, part # 11-18529. You will also need the Icom headset adapter, part # 11-18537 if you do not have one.

Q: Will this work with the Yaesu FTA 230 and what adapter if any is needed?

Yes, you can use this push to talk switch with the Yaesu handheld radios if you have the Yaesu headset adapter. It is included in the FTA 230 box, but if you misplaced yours, please see part # 11-02562.

Q: Will this economy push-to-talk switch work with the Vertex VXA-220 transceiver? My headset has the universal jack that plugs into the standard female jack in all aircraft.

Yes, this economy push to talk switch will work with the Vertex VXA-220 as long as you are using the included Yaesu Vertex headset adapter. The aircraft must be equipped with dual GA jacks, which are standard in most fixed-wing aircraft.

Q: How long is the cord on this switch?

Approx 31" unstretched, but it is a bungee so can extend much further.

Q: Can this remote be placed in the jacks that go into the Yeasu FTA 550aa that are like normal radio jacks from the (Pilot USA 2 Place Intercom) for YAESU FTA-550/750L - - - (PA-200V) ?

Yes, this can be used in line with standard GA input jacks and plugs.

Q: Can this unit be used with the flightcom 2sx? I am adding as a copilot ptt. Thanks.

Yes, as long as the headset jacks are dual GA style, this PTT will work.

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