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Part# 11-07712
MFR Model# PA-50/PTT


Push-To-Talk Switch: Allows the user to transmit to ATC when the red button is engaged. Can be used with or without an intercom.

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This product is easily installed, thanks to quality fittings, cooperative coil cord and adequate VELCRO to assist in securing appropriate flight deck locations. The large red button is so much better than my old microscopic size PTT button. The red button clicks and has a pressure-sensitive feel to it, so I never doubt when it activates. After two weeks of using it, Ill rate the product as a FIVE. PJ McDonald, Des Moines

Patrick M Verified Purchase


July 22, 2021

Delivered on time. Easy to install and worked as expected.

Garland E Verified Purchase


June 16, 2021

About the fifth one of these Ive bought over the years. Works great, just as designed, and is fairly inexpensive.

Brian J
June 13, 2020

Plug and play Works great Great price

April 30, 2020

Nice switch movement, necessary when joy stick has no room for a PTT DIY drilled in. Velcro strap holds this PTT in place on stick.

April 9, 2020

run great plug end play

March 21, 2020

Ive purchased most of the PTT switches ACS has to offer. Im always after the one that requires the least amount of pressure to activate. This one isnt it, but I believe its in second place. Additionally, the one that IS in first place has proven itself completely unreliable. So Ive started using this one. Its actually a cleaner install on my vintage 1957 172 yokes and works well. So far, much more reliable. Easy enough to press the button, but just not the lightest pressure out there. But at least it works.

March 13, 2020

Completed my transceiver functionality, worked right out of the box and is reasonably priced for a back up piece of equipment. Glad I didnt pay more!

Mike M
March 2, 2020

These were very easy to install and there was just enough cable to securely and aesthetically route so the panel remains uncluttered with wires, etc.

Douglas P
December 19, 2019

Exactly as expected and worked as the second stick with panel jacks intercom. Happy with this product.

September 28, 2019


Q: Is this Push to talk switch suitable for the Yaesu 550L?

This Push to talk switch is compatible with the Yaesu 550L when used with the appropriate headset cable. Another Push to talk option would be PN:11-12100.

Q: Can this PTT switch be used with the Icom A220 transceiver?

No, you'll need a momentary PTT switch. Please see part # 11-00746 for example.

Q: Will this Pilot USA PA50 PTT work with the Yaesu FTA 230 radio?

As long as the headset is outfitted with dual GA plugs, and you are using the Yaesu headset adapter, these products are compatible.

Q: Will this work in a Cessna 170B?

This is a portable type PTT switch. It does not have an aircraft application guide. It will work in aircraft in which the standard dual GA headset is used.

Q: Will this work with a Yaesu Vertex FTA750L + Fligthcom IISX 2PL intercom + 2 David clark H10-30?

Yes, as long as you have the Yaesu headset adapter it will work with your equipment.

Q: How long is the wire?

The stretchy cord from the female plug to the PTT button is approx 32 inches unstretched.

Q: Will this Pilot USA PA50 PTT switch work with my Icom A16 radio?

No, Icom headset adapters have their own style plug. You would need to purchase 11-18529.

Q: Does this switch have a hot mike for intercom?

This PTT is meant to be used to transmit when pressed. The squelch on the intercom would need to be adjusted to allow for the "hot mike"

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