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Dual Skypro GPS Receiver XGPS160 For iPad & Android

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Part# 11-11996
MFR Model# XGPS160


Meet the SkyPro - a brand new GPS Receiver with fast signal acquisition and 10Hz positioning updates, making it an ideal GPS for pilots, race car drivers and other fast moving applications. The WAAS receiver is compatible with both GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) systems and it connects via Bluetooth to up to 5 Apple or Android devices.

Just like its predecessor, the popular XGPS150, SkyPro is very simple to use. There is a quick set up process that includes pairing your tablet with the unit. Once this is done, SkyPro will automatically connect to the device it was last paired with, and you will be able to use it with hundreds of apps that require location information.

The GPS receiver will run for up to 10 hours on a charge, and can be recharged using the included 12-28VDC cigarette lighter adapter, from any PC, or from the USB charger which came with your tablet/phone.

This GPS Receiver also comes with a useful GPS Status Tool app. (Available free on the iTunes App Store). The app allows you to turn on and off the automatic route recording feature, and to export the stored log file information. The Status Tool app also shows detailed information from the GPS Receiver including:
  • Your location (or whether the device is still determining where you are)
  • How many satellites the device sees and the signal strength of each satellite
  • The battery level of the GPS Receiver, and whether or not it is charging
  • Confirmation the GPS Receiver is successfully connected to your iPad/iPod touch/iPhone
The SkyPro GPS Receiver also includes a non-slip pad for use in a cockpit, car or a boat.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • WAAS GPS receiver
  • Simultaneous GPS and GLONASS reception
  • Up to 10 position samples per second
  • Bluetooth connectivity to up to 5 devices
  • Automatic route recording
  • For Apple and Android devices
  • Non-slip holder included for horizontal and vertical use
  • 12-30V charger included
  • Built-in battery lasts 10+ hours
  • Worldwide Coverage Area
  • Works with EFB apps and other apps that require GPS; car racing, navigation, marine chart plotters, etc.
  • Free status tool app available from the App Store


  • GPS and GLONASS supported simultaneously
  • 99 channels
  • SBAS (WAAS, MSAS, EGNOS, GAGAN) supported
  • GPS: L1 1598.0625~1605.375 MHz
  • GLONASS: L1 1598.0625~1605.375 MHz
  • Accuracy: +/-2.5m (CEP)
  • Fast location acquisition times: < 29 secs (warm or cold start)
  • Position updates: up to 10 times per second
  • Maximum speed: 1000 kts / 1150 mph
  • Maximum altitude: 20,000 m / 65,600 ft
  • Full charge lasts for at least 10 hours of continuous use (for 1 device)
  • Recharges in 3 hours
  • Capacity: 1400 mAh
  • Small and light: 2.7" (70mm) wide x 2.2" (55mm) tall x 0.8" (22mm) thick, 2.5 ounces / 71 grams, Non-slip pad: 4.8" (122mm) wide x 4.2" (107mm) tall x 0.9" (25mm) thick
  • Operating temperature: 14F - 140F (-10C - 60C)


This is my third GPS receiver and all three are fully operational. A great product which I have recommended

Steve G Verified Purchase


September 1, 2021

Great little unit. Nice to be able to connect more then one device at a time.

Bill P
December 6, 2020

Excelente producto. jamas he tenido un solo problema con el. Es facil de usar, conectar y muy preciso.

Carlos M
November 5, 2020

Great item, very accurate.

Ralf W
August 18, 2020

A great item. I now have 2 and they are easy to use with a great battery life lasting all day.

Steve G
February 26, 2019

Bought this model 4 yrs ago. From day one it was plagued with poor performance on multiple fronts. Bluetooth repeatedly failed to show up on multiple devices. Satellites repeatedly dropped with position loss for no reason, unit would shut down with hours of battery remaining, from strartup to finding its position frequently took 4 to 5 min! Called technical support multiple times and it quickly became obvious they did not make the red dot gps but were just resellers and marketers . Tech support was useless and knew nothing about the technical side. Used it on oceanic flights along side several BadElf models. The red dot was always behind, slower, less accurate and very unreliable. I’ll be buying a Bad Elf next time

September 15, 2020

This does not work with samsung phones, Do not purchase . I tried this for off road trails and phones.

Neil L
February 11, 2021


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Q: Does the Dual XGPS 160 work with IPad Mini?

Yes, it works via Bluetooth with up to five devices running iOS or Android OS. Since the iPad Mini runs iOS, it will work just fine!

Q: Will the Dual Skypro XGPS 160 work in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand and Australia for example?

Yes, the XGPS160 receives the GPS data worldwide. You would still need to find an app with a coverage area in your region for that to be useful.

Q: I do not see a reference to the iPad Air device. Does the Dual SkyPro XGPS160 work with the iPad Air?

Yes, the iPad Air runs iOS and will use the Bluetooth connection to communicate with the XGPS160.

Q: Does this work with wingXpro7?

Per the manufacturer's website: Yes this will work with WingX Pro.

Q: Will the Dual Skypro XGPS160 work with an iPad that has an internal GPS?

Yes. This device will override the internal GPS in the iPad and the iPad will instead use this GPS signal for GPS data.

Q: I know the XGPS170 says ADS-B and weather. However, with XGPS 160 will I still get some weather information on apps like Wingx pro and Foreflight? I saw a quick video where the guy had the 160 and opened Foreflight and he said he gets weather (a cloud layer on his tablet screen).

Per Dual: The XGPS 160 has no weather features and is only used as a GPS receiver. Any weather shown was from a different source.

Q: Will the Dual SkyPro GPS Receiver XGPS160 antenna work in a jetliner?

The device will work up to an altitude of 65,600 ft. That being said, the XGPS antenna works best when placed on the glareshield of the aircraft in the cockpit. Reception may be limited in the passenger area of airliner.

Q: Does the XGPS160 work with laptops and tablets?

Per the users manual the XGPS160 will work with laptops running Windows or OS x operating systems. It will also function with iOS tablets, ipods, iphones, and android tablets. See the user manual located on the documents tab for further details.

Q: Does this XGPS160 work with iOS 11 version and possible next updates?

Yes, this product is compatible with iOS 11 and future updates.

Q: Does the XGPS160 require a monthly subscription plan for it to work?

No, it does not.

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