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Stadia AGL LIDAR Landing Altimeter

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Model A - Strut Braced - Struts with Thickness from 1-5/32" - 1-3/4"
Model B - Strut Braced - Struts with Thickness from 1-3/4" - 2-3/8"
Model L - For Most Aircraft with Tie Down Ring
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Stadia is an AGL altimeter landing aid that uses LIDAR to measure the aircraft’s height above ground with incredible precision. Stadia connects to the pilot’s smartphone via Bluetooth and alerts the pilot to their altitude with audible cues. Stadia has a maximum altitude of 130ft, and a rechargeable battery life of up to 12 hours. Per the manufacturer "Because Stadia is considered a temporary attachment it is not subject to FAA regulatory purview."
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Model A & Model B: 2.25 lbs, 8.5" x 6" x 3.75"
  • Model L: 12 oz, 4" x 5" x 4.75"


I didn’t install it yet. But I tried at home, holding it in my hand, and it seems to work as intended. It can speak out the altitude or sounds the warning buzzer, but not both at the same time. Will update after I install it.

Sam N Verified Purchase


March 7, 2023


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Q: What is Stadias effective operating range? Can it measure height above water?

130 ft. operating range. Per the manufacturer, the current models (part # 11-19068, 11-19069, 11-19070) do not work over water.

Q: Does the Stadia unit announce AGL in addition to the numeric display, and if so how frequently is it reported?

Stadia will simultaneously provide audible and visual alerts. The audible tones increase in frequency as the aircraft's height decreases.

Q: What is the g envelope of the Stadia? If on the tie down, can it hold to 4 g’s?

The G envelope has not been tested on an aircraft. However, it should hold up to at least 5Gs of force on the tie down.

Q: What is the accuracy of the Stadia during the last 50 ft of descent, and is it a vertical or slope distance?

Per supplier: Stadia is accurate to +/- 3 inches assuming Stadia is properly installed to give a vertical measurement.

Q: Does it have high and low range alarms? Can alarms be set to go off if you are more than x feet + or - of an assigned altitude AGL ie +/-2 at a 50 height?

The alarm tone changes the closer the aircraft gets to the ground. The tone can be set up in the app to only alert the pilot once they've descended below a certain height above the ground.

Q: STADIA AGL LIDAR LANDING ALTIMETER. What is the accuracy, and response time. What is the range, How and where is it displayed?

Accuracy is +/- 3 inches. Response time is about 0.1 seconds. Range is up to 130ft, depending on the surface. Distance is displayed on the smartphones screen with the Stadia Altimeter app.

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