IFR: A Structured Approach - Ebook

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Part# 13-09955
MFR Model# 0693-SRP-E


If your instrument training was as haphazard as that of most pilots, then this book may cause a profound change in your method for managing the extraordinary demands of single-pilot IFR.

With the help of this book, you will establish your own personal standard operating practices for IFR., including the incorporation of checklists, flows, callouts, briefings, and "by the numbers" aircraft control. Your flying will be much less haphazard, and much more regimented, structured, and above all, safe.

A wholesale review and analysis of IFR operations with special emphasis on the integration of GPS into modern IFR. This is long overdue. Tens of thousands of general aviation IFR pilots are now using GPS. Most of these pilots took their last ground school or IFR written exam years before the advent of GPS and have never really studied the new system. Instructors see the effects of this lack of training all the time. Many pilots have only a perfunctory knowledge of how the GPS systems works, and how it sometimes fails to work. Many pilots comprehend only a small fraction of the capabilities of their specific GPS units. Even more commonly seen are failures to understand the new regulations that govern GPS use and the newly formatted charts that have evolved with the GPS approaches. There are a great many subtleties here, and it is time for serious instrument pilots to roll up their sleeves and get to work bringing themselves up to date. I am confident this book can help.


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