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Plastifix repairs virtually any rigid plastic and works exceptionally well on ABS. Repair cracks, fill gaps, reinforce repairs, rebuild broken tabs, fix stripped threads, and more. PlastiFix's most unique feature is the FlexMold molding bar which allows you to create a mold and cast missing pieces.

No other plastic repair is more versatile. the 30-gram kits are enough to complete approximately 24"+ of cracked plastic repair. The large kits will do about 24 feet.

In The Box

  • 1 - 253X Plastifix Powder 30G
  • 1 - 2520 Plastifix Liquid 50ML
  • 1 - 2542 Dropper Bottle Assembly
  • 1 - 2543 Power Application Cup
  • 1 - 2548 Transfer Pipette
  • 2 - 2550 Applicator Needle
  • 1 - 2560 Flexmold Molding Bar 10CC


Great product well worth the money it works great.

June 29, 2020

This product is amazing! Ive used it extensively to repair ABS fairings on my motorcycle. It is very sturdy once it sets, and very easy to work with. Happy I found it! :-)

January 3, 2020

Aircraft Spruce was a great company to deal with. From online ordering, processing and shipping was excellent. The product, PlastiFi, is a great product. Although the package instructions were a bit confusing, after watching a video on YouTube on prepping and applying PlastiFix, I was able to repair a crack in a plastic motorcycle fender quite easily.

David L
February 10, 2019

Excellent product for plastic repairs on aircraft fairings (non-structural components). The You-Tube video is also a very helpful tool on how to apply this product.

Martin G
December 3, 2018

Excellent product. Solid, easy to use and durable. I have fixed many things with Plastifix, including motorcycles, home and car repairs.... Well worth the money.

Bobby D
March 15, 2018


Q: Will it work on the clear plastic gauge cover on the dash board?

Yes, this should work on this application. We recommend testing a small area to be sure it will provide the desired results.

Q: Will this work on a hairline freezer crack in the plastic liner?

This is designed to fix cracks in plastic. There is no specific application guide for it. It is considered a general use product.

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