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Seat Foam Size Foam Type Color Part Number Price Buy
1" X 16" X 18"CF45 MediumBlue
1" X 16" X 18"CF47 FirmGreen
1" X 18" X 24"CF47 FirmGreen
1" X 16" X 18"CF42 SoftPink
1" X 18" X 24"CF45 MediumBlue
1" X 18" X 24"CF42 SoftPink
2" X 16" X 18"CF45 MediumBlue
3" X 16" X 18"CF42 / CF45 / CF47
(1" Soft, 1" Medium, 1" Firm)
Pink, Blue, Green
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Confor Form (formerly called Temperfoam) is the conforming foam cushion that was developed for the “Astronaut’s Couch” back in the Apollo space program. Confor Foam has the capability of absorbing a tremendous amount of impact shock compared to common polyfoam and it is flame resistant. It is an excellent product that will give your seats enduring comfort that you never thought possible. Adapts to you for pressure point-free comfort that is really incredible. The best universal cushion for aircraft use is a 3” CF42/CF45/CF47 laminate. Confor Foam meets FAR 25.853, FAR 25.855, and CAL 117 burn specifications making it excellent for certified aircraft or homebuilts. Some special sizes in 1”, 2”, or 3” thicknesses are available on special request.


Good product. 1 st one was torn due to a packaging error but as usual Aircraft Spruce ( Carolyn Leon ) took care of it ðź‘Ť

July 3, 2020

Just as advertised. Really firm when cold

Don G
April 26, 2020

Looks great and Im sure it will work for my Porsche 914 GT front seat bottom. Cant wait to get it fitted.

Tom G
April 5, 2020

Wow! What a difference a pad can make. I fly a j3 Piper Cub and simply cut the pad to fit the existing seat covers. Having the 3 layers really make the difference. Ordered up another pad for the back seat too.

George K
June 21, 2019

I now have more than seven hundred hours in three years sitting on the three layer laminate cushion. Im sure that a $1,500 dollar seat from oregon aero would be better but they quoted me a six week turnaround! I removed my seat cover and totally ruined mooney cushion, then installed this conforfoam cushion and it is awesome. Remember that it is temperature sensitive so on a cold morning it will be very hard and sit you up higher until it warms up and conforms. frankly this may be the best $100 you spend on your airplane. for any airplane where the seat frame is a pan and not a web this is a must.

Glenn M
June 10, 2019

Just working with foam now, just big enough for 172n seat bottom with left over pieces for leg bolsters. Cuts fine with a hobby hot wire, but,,,, cuts great with kitchen knives, bread types! Excellent saw-a-bility. Look fwd to firmer support.

Carl Z
April 10, 2019

The perfect solution for my sore bottom!

January 27, 2018

Great product, I have used it in three airplanes now. I second the first reviewer, it is firm in cold weather. I also agree and think the soft layer is a bit too soft and causes me to lean a bit to one side. I think the ideal set up would be to use the heavy and medium density only. Thats the plan for the next plane.

May 3, 2017

Used the tri-layer to replace the seat bottom foam in my C172F in the summer of 2016. Loved it. It did make be sit taller in the saddle by about 2 vs. the 30-year-old previous foam. Then winter came. This foam is as solid as rock below about 30 degrees and takes about a half hour to get soft using body heat. So, at the beginning of a winter flight, I need to extend my seat-belt and my headsets rub the headliner. By the time I land, I need to tighten my belt and I have about 2 of clearance with the headliner. If you will be using this in a cold environment, think about going with 2 of soft and 1 of medium instead of the 1 each of firm, medium, soft. These observations are from a pilot based near Minneapolis, MN.

Michael G
January 8, 2017


Q: What are the dimensions of the confor foam seat cushions?

Part No. 01-09310: 1" X 16" X 18"
Part No. 01-09320: 2" X 16" X 18"
Part No. 01-09300: 3" X 16" X 18"

Q: Do these foam cushions come with a zippered cover?

No, these come as raw foam in three different sizes to be used in seat cushions. Covers can be made at an upholstery shop but they are not included. We do offer pre-covered seat cushions and boosters, such as 13-02923, but they do not use the same type of foam.

Q: Regarding Part # 01-09300: Is it a bonded stack of each of the confor foams, or three individual sheets 1" thick that can be shaped and cut separately?

Part # 01-09300 is a bonded stack of the 3 foams. It will ship as one complete piece.

Q: Does this foam come with a certificate of compliance for flammability?

This foam does not come standard with certificate of compliance for flammability. However, you can request it at the time of order in the cart for an additional fee.

Q: Which foam materials are used in this foam cushion? polyurethane and polyethylene foam, something else?

It is a polyurethane base foam.

Q: Can you tell me the weight of the medium 1 X 16 X 18 and medium 1 X 18 X 24?

Approx 1.1 and 1.4 lbs

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