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**Note: 3 month shelf life from date of manufacture. We suggest ordering when you are ready to use.**

Derakane Momentum 411-350 epoxy vinyl ester resin is based on bisphenol-A epoxy resin and provides resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, bleaches, and organic compounds for use in many chemical processing industry applications. Derakane Momentum resins are a new generation of resins that can be used to improve fabrication efficiency and product quality. Their lighter color makes defects easier to see and correct while the resin is still workable. The resin's improved reactivity properties often permit and increase in the lay-up thickness per session. The longer stability provides additional flexibility to fabricators in storage and handling. Resin: Color may vary by manufacturer.

MEKP Catalyst is very dangerous to the eyes. Always wear full goggle protection and have running water at hand when working with MEKP.

Catalyst Large Quantity Chart
Catalyst Concentration
Resin Quantity
5 Gallon
1/16 oz.
2/3 oz.
1-1/3 oz.
1/4 oz.
1 oz.
5 oz.
1/3 oz.
1-1/3 oz.
6-2/3 oz.
1/2 oz.
2 oz.
10 oz.
Catalyst Small Quantity Chart
(20 -30 minute pot life at 2% mix ratio)
Catalyst Concentration
Resin Quantity 30 drops = 1 cc
2 oz.
4 oz.
8 oz.
12 oz.
16 oz.
9 drops
18 drops
36 drops
1.8 cc
2.5 cc
14 drops
27 drops
2 cc
3 cc
4 cc
18 drops
36 drops
2.5 cc
3.75 cc
5 cc
27 drops
2 cc
4 cc
6 cc
8 cc
36 drops
2.5 cc
5 cc
7.5 cc
10 cc


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Great product for use on the Glasair I am building. Consistent Pot Life after catalyzed. Resin comes pre-promoted in the quart sizes. Easy to use.

David H
May 3, 2018


Q: Is this suitable for use with auto gas, which may contain alcohol?

Vinyl Ester is chemical resistant, and can be used to make fuel tanks to hold auto fuel, which can contain alcohol. Making a test piece is always recommended.

Q: What is included in the vinyl ester resin kit? Do I need to order catalyst separately? When I click on mekp catalyst, it brings up polyester resin. Thank you, Darrell

The items listed on this page are Vinyl Ester Resin only in quart or gallon size. If you would like to order the kit which includes the MEKP catalyst, please use part number 01-01109 (Qt Kit) or 01-07355 (Gal Kit). The links to these parts can be found in the "Alternate Items" tab.

Q: Does the resin come already promoted so all I need to do is add MEKP to the amount of resin that I need for the job? I already have DMA and Cobalt available for promotion and I certainly don't want to add any to the resin if it's already promoted.

All our stock vinyl ester resin is promoted, so only requires the MEKP to catalyze it. Un-promoted material is rarely requested, but can be sent as a special order only. Please contact sales at 877-477-7823 for special orders.

Q: Your chart for amount of catalyst is based on number of ounces of resin to be used. QUESTION - Are the ounces listed, volume - or - weight?

The mix ratio is by volume. You can mix it 1% to 2% by weight. The higher percentage by weight accelerates the pot life.

Q: For a non structural part what is the max temperature this vinyl ester resin can withstand?

The max temperature this resin can withstand is 220 degrees F.

Q: Does a hazardous material shipping charge apply when shipping Vinyl Ester Resin?

If shipping via ground, there is no hazardous shipping charge. If shipping via air, then yes, a hazardous fee will apply.

Q: Do you sell a resin pump that will fit these containers?

The west system pump will fit and pump the resin from the container. They will not have the same ratio though so you could not use them to portion out product, they would only be used to pump the resin from the container.

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