Aero Cosmetics Polish All 8 Oz

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Part# 09-00508
MFR Model# 797P


Polish ALL is an easy-on, easy-off, liquid finishing polish. It will remove oxidation and fine scratches from paint, plastic (Aircraft Windows), aluminum, and other metals. Polish ALL can be applied by hand or with a power polisher. Keep the finish clean and protected after polishing by applying Wash Wax ALL.


This product was recommended by RV bloggers to keep RV looking newer. Havent had a chance to use it but it comes with high ratings.

Patricia B Verified Purchase


August 14, 2022

Wow! This is my new go-to polish. Easy on and easy off and leaves our 1977 Grumman Tiger looking shiny and new.!

Tom H Verified Purchase


July 30, 2021

I was surprised at how good this polish was. My aircraft’s paint was 30 years old, looking pretty rough and I had tried several polishes with no real results. This stuff was amazing. We used an orbital buffer in the paint and finished with microfiber - the paint finally had a clear shine! Then I tried it on the chrome spinner whicH had some black scuffing and water spots - it came out like a nearly new chroming job! This is my go-to polish now.

Stephen M
August 29, 2020

Simply the best clean and shine I have found, got a few of my friends addicted as well now. I use this on just about everything I own.

Matthew C
November 30, 2018


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Q: Is this Aero Polish All an abrasive?

Yes, all Polish is abrasive. Polish is used to repair paint finish such as to remove oxidation and scratches. In order to do that it must have an abrasive. Polishes have different levels or grades of abrasives like different grades of sandpaper. Polish ALL is a super fine or finishing grade polish, so fine you can polish plastic aircraft windows.

Q: I dont see the larger containers on the site, I had purchased a half gallon one once. Just wondering if we can still get bigger than the 8 ounce one. Thanks, Matt

The supplier no longer makes the larger size. We only have it available in 8 oz.

Q: Can this polish be used on fabric airplanes?

This is a very light polish so it should be fine for a painted fabric aircraft. It is recommended to test on an inconspicuous area first.

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