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Red on White VinylBlack Letters on Clear
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NO STEP - Bright red on
white vinyl. Letters are 1"
high. Decal size: 1-3/8 X 4-3/8".
PN 09-33500

NO STEP - 1"x5" Decal-
black letters.
PN 1040


Dennis L
November 16, 2018

Perfect for the flaps on my Emeraude. clear back ground is misleading, clear backing peels off to just leave the letters on the flap.

Mark L
October 27, 2018

The decals were better than expected. When you select color, I chose Black on clear (the decals were going on gray fabric). I assumed it could just be a clear sticker. The decals were nice individual black decals in a super easy to apply paper covering that laid them down all at once, spaced perfectly. Total professional looking job in a couple of minutes....great product

March 30, 2018

These are perfect—extremely easy to apply, and they look very professional. There’s no “background”, like a label might have. Very satisfied!

Cary A
March 10, 2018

They are a little small but then do you want a large sign to keep people from stepping on your flaps? I did the red on white one since the airplane is white anyway and it stands out very nice. Now will it work, I tell people only to step on the black anti-skid and I hoping they do just that.

J. L
September 18, 2017


Sport I
November 15, 2019

Although no specific instructions were included with the decals, I assumed they would be applied pretty much like the decals on model airplanes I built as a kid. Went on easy and adhered well to my fabric airplane.

Tim B
September 6, 2019

Needs to be the same size as black clear. Need 4 versions. All same size as black version. 2 clear background (red & black letters). 2 white background (red & black letters)

Richard C
December 17, 2017


Q: Is the black decal on white background or clear?

The black lettering decal is on a clear background.

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