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Turbine Soot Master is a carbon soot cleaner and degreaser designed to effectively address carbon exhaust build-up and staining that plagues most turboprop aircraft. The streak-free formula safely dissolves carbon, grease, and oil revealing a clean surface with very little effort. This product is rinse-free and does not require any water. Just spray on and wipe the surface clean with a microfiber or terry cloth.

This product may be diluted 1 part Turbine Soot Master to 1 part Water for lighter exhaust soot, soils or grease cleaning


  • Streak free formula safely dissolves carbon, grease, and oil revealing clean surface with little effort
  • Rinse Free- just Spray on and Wipe off
  • Ideal for Turboprop aircraft including PC 12, King Air and TBM, Caravan, M600
  • Use for degreasing and oil clean up on aircraft bellies, landing gear, engine nacelles and APU areas


  • Boeing D6-17487 Certified
  • Certification includes Corrosion, Acrylic Crazing, Paint softening and Hydrogen Embitterment
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This product is amazing. Turbine soot literally melts away in under a minute, only light scrubbing required on very heavy deposits. Highly recommended!

Aerohio S
November 23, 2020

Great product I used it to clean the years of soot build up under the metal porch ,it took about 1 wk to clean . Just spray on and wipe off try to go one direction when wiping off. I will need to get some more to get the little spots that had been miss when starting the job.

Ralph C
July 9, 2020

I love this stuff. been purchasing it for years for my PC12. To protect my paint I have the Sapphire V1 Ceramic coating on my aircraft and use this product to keep it sparkling clean.

Ferris G
January 9, 2020

Use Turbine Soot Master on my TBM 850 and couldn’t be happier. It removes the exhaust stains quickly. I’ve reached out to the manufacturer Several times with other cleaning questions and they walk me thru the solution without reservation. They are aircraft detailers by trade and really know their stuff. Impressed!

Lea F
January 18, 2019

Ive tried everything to remove exhaust deposits from our King Air. This stuff is truly amazing. Just a simple spray and wipe and the paint looks perfect again. Ive tried the other exhaust removing products to save a few bucks but having to rinse the product off with the hose takes time not to mention time spent drying the aircraft and the hangar floor.

Mike P
January 14, 2018

After trying car polishes, household cleaners, liquid hand cleaner with pumice and even rubbing compound, none which worked well, even after a lot of effort, I heard about this product on a BeechTalk blog and decided what the heck it cant hurt to try one more thing. Rubbed it on and with very little effort, the baked on exhaust from the twin IO550s on my Baron just disappeared as if by magic. Great product.

September 7, 2017

Best Carbon Exhaust Cleaner and Degreaser EVER!! A bit more expensive but you'll see why immediately when you try it. We use it to degrease our landing gear, belly and wheel wells too. We save hours of nasty work with this product. The guys at Real Clean are professional aircraft detailers who make products that work!

David B
January 24, 2014

I have been professionally cleaning and detailing aircraft for more than 15 years. I maintain the appearance of a fleet of King Airs and Single Engine Turbo Props. Turbine Soot Master is by far the best and easiest product I have used for removing carbon exhaust build-up, grease and oil... Period!

David G
November 21, 2013

This is without a doubt the best degreaser/turbine exhaust cleaner I have ever used. It saves me from pulling out the hose every time I want to clean the oil and grease off the belly of my bonanza and the exhaust from my King Air engines. Truly Amazing Stuff!!

Eric S
June 26, 2013

I’ve been Detailing airplanes for over 20 years, I currently clean a Pilatus, the exhaust is horrible down the fuselage, I have used this once since purchasing I personally had streaks and had to re-spray the area and wipe several times to remove them. The product does cut exhaust but I would not say it is streak free... I also used it underneath the aircraft and it left streaks there also, I use only microfiber cloths, I’m not really sold on this particular product for the money I want something a little better at leaving a pretty finish behind.

July 22, 2018


Q: Does the 32oz soot master bottle have a spray top or do I need to get a spray bottle for it?

Yes. The 32 oz bottle of Soot Master is a spray bottle.

Q: Is this REALCLEAN TURBINE SOOT MASTER product safe to use in internal components such as an Exhaust pipe or a turbocharger inlet carbon buildup?

Yes-Turbine Soot Master is safe to use on internal components, but we do recommend rinsing with water after application.

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