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A mixture of plasticizers and solvents which soften butyrate dope finishes. Available in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon sized.
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Butysolve reminded me of why Randolph dope finishes are still in use 100+ years later. The PA-12 was recovered 25 years ago, and I recently noticed hairline cracks in the dope where it passed over an underlying hardpoint. Start by a thorough cleaning - think air show. You want to look at every square inch of the finish and identify every crack, as opposed to old bug strikes. For a small hairline crack, apply straight Butysolve and rub the existing dope with your gloved finger. That will fill the crack and restore flexibility to the finish. If you can see the bare fabric, you need to add silver, then top coat. Ill try to attach photos that show the result of Butysolve alone, and then a larger crack where I brushed silver then wet sanded to prep for the two color coats. Following is the Randolph product description: Rejuvenator adds fresh plasticizers to old, brittle dope coatings. It restores flexibility and suppleness in dope finishes that are cracking, ring worming, or losing adhesion. It softens and slightly flows old coatings to allow hairline cracks to close and fill. It does not restore color or gloss to faded Colored Dope, nor does it fill big cracks or voids. NOTE: Rejuvenator only works if Colored Butyrate Dope is used as the topcoat it will not penetrate polyurethane paint of any type.

Preston K
May 3, 2021

Received without damage.

Larry A
November 25, 2019

Response was rapid, salesperson was nice to deal with.

Harold H
September 30, 2017

the can was baddly dammage but not leaking

Madeleine B
October 7, 2017


Q: Can rejuvenator be used on local areas such as around inspection openings where cracking in the dope finish has occurred or does it have to be applied over the entire fabric surface?

Yes, this can be applied in small areas.

Q: Whats the temperature range when spraying this? Specifically, how cool can the temp be and still get decent results?

No colder than 60 degrees.

Q: Does it halve to be sprayed on or can you use a small brush for a linear crack?

The vendor instructions recommend spraying only. It would probably be ok to brush but it would be at your own risk.

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