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11 Oz Aerosol 20 Oz Trigger Spray 1 Gallon
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Strong, multi-purpose lubricant and penetrant with added corrosionprotection. Provides a nondrying, light, oily film for use on indoor/outdoor equipment. Reduces wear caused by friction and corrosion. Displaces moisture Loosens rusted or frozen parts. Provides up to one year of protection. Nonconductive Safe on paint and most plastics. Inverta Spray Valve allows user to spray in an upright or inverted position. NSF H2 registered

11oz. (312g) Aerosol
20 oz. (591 ml) - Trigger Spray
1 gal. (3.78 l)


  • Strong, multi-purpose lubricant, and penetrant
  • Provides a non-drying, light, oily film for use on indoor equipment
  • Reduces wear caused by friction and corrosion
  • Loosens rusted or frozen parts
  • Strong, multi-purpose lubricant and penetrant with added corrosion protection
  • No Chlorinated Solvents


  • Appearance/Physical State: Gas & dispensed liquid
  • Odor: Slight petroleum odor. Cherry
  • Melting Point/Freezing Point: <-58F
  • Boiling Point/Range: 383F (195C) @ 101kPa
  • Vapor Pressure: <0.05 mmHg @ 20C (dispensed
  • liquid)
  • Partition Coefficient: <1
  • Percent Volatile: 92-95%
  • Flammability Limit: 0.6 - 7.0%
  • Propellant: CO2
  • VOC Content: 0% per U.S. State and Federal
  • Consumer Product Regulations
  • Color: Brown
  • Flash Point: 174.2F (79.0C) Tag Closed Cup
  • (dispensed liquid)
  • Relative Density: N/A
  • Evaporation Rate: <0.1 BuAc
  • Vapor Density: 4.7 (air=1)
  • Auto-Ignition Temperature: >442.4F (>228C)
  • Viscosity: <7 cSt
  • Specific Gravity (water=1): 0.82-0.86 @ 20C
  • Temperature Range F(C): -58F to 350F
  • 4-Ball Weld Load: N/A
  • Dielectric Strength: 33kV


  • Bearings & Valves
  • Cables & Linkages
  • Dies, Bits & Fasteners
  • Engines & Electric Motors
  • Metal Parts
  • Parts in Storage
  • Production Equipment
  • Pulleys & Rollers


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good stuff, timely shipping.

July 7, 2019

Good stuff, use it all the time. It penetrates and lubricates.

Chuck W
June 24, 2019

Works great so far. Only minor issue is the little straw that comes with it falls out of the spray hole a little too easily so I dont use it anywhere that I worry I will lose it.

Rick D
July 24, 2018

I love this product, We use Exclusively LPS lubricants 1,2,3 and KB88. We stopped purchasing it in aerosol and switched to the spray bottle and have found it to last much longer. We do keep a can around when we have to spray it long distances in the tail to hit the pulleys

Bens M
March 11, 2018

Top quality product. Must have for your hangar. Suggest having all three versions - LPS 1, LPS 2 and LPS 3. The folks at Spruce packing and shipping really do a fine job to ensure no leakage, and product comes intact without impacting other items in shipment.

Ralph F
November 13, 2017

I use it on my RV-6 at condition inspection time to lube moving parts.

October 6, 2017

Howard G
March 2, 2017

I first used this product in 1970 (LPS-25 then). Its still the most fantastic stuff I've ever used. Cars, planes, motorcycles, guns, tools, anywhere bare metal is outdoors, THIS is the stuff. It DOES what it says on the can.

September 23, 2015


Q: Is the same as the Industrial Strength Lubricant LPS 2? Did it change name to Heavy-Duty? Thanks!

It is the same product, only the name changed.

Q: Does this LPS 2 lubricant have any MIL spec conformity?

It meets the following MIL Specs: MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 3 Class 1 | MIL-C-81309D Type III | MIL-C-23411A

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