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Intelligent Power Stabilizer (IPS) is an electronic power converter that provides stable power to critical electrical equipment found in general aviation aircraft. Electronic equipment such as engine monitors, EFIS and GPS’s can be operational before and during engine starting. With this important feature, the IPS saves fuel and operating expenses by not having to run the engine during flight plan loading or clearance delivery. When used with aircraft engine monitors, it ensures the pilot can monitor critical engine operating parameters such as oil pressure during the engine starting process. The IPS is available in three different models and is suitable for use with equipment such as the Garmin GNS-430/530 series of GPS and the G900X and GU370/375 series avionic system.

The patented technology in the Intelligent Power Stabilizer system ensures the connected electronic equipment is provided with a stabilized source of power even when the aircraft battery voltage drops significantly. This is particularly important during engine starting or alternator out conditions. IPS provides aircraft bus voltage surge and sag protection for the connected electrical equipment by actively clamping the regulated output voltage.
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12V / 4 Amp Model 12V / 8 Amp Model 24V / 5 Amp Model
Input Voltage: 5 – 15 volts DC 5 – 15 volts DC 10 – 30 volts DC
Output Voltage: > 11.25 volts DC > 11.25 volts DC > 24.0 volts DC
Output Current: 4 amp continuous 8 amps continuous 5 amps continuous, 10 amps peak
Converter: True DC:DC converter with output over voltage, over current and over temperature protection True DC:DC converter with output over voltage, over current and over temperature protection True DC:DC converter with over voltage, over current and over temperature protection
Panel Warning Light: LV warning light included N/A N/A
Surge Protection: 16 volt active clamp, 1500 w 10/1000uS waveform 16 volt active clamp, 1500 w 10/1000uS waveform 32 volt active clamp, 1500 w 10/1000uS waveform
Wiring: 4ft leads, Mil-spec wire Insulated barrier strip, #6 screws Insulated barrier strip, #6 screws
Enclosure: 4.39” x 2.34” x 1.06” 4.6” x 3.7” x 1.18” Cast aluminum 4.6” x 3.7” x 1.18”
Weight: 8 oz. 14 oz. 14 oz.
Temperature Range: -25° C to 60° C -25° C to 60° C -25° C to 55° C
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Q: Is this TCW Intelligent Power Stabilizer 4 Amp TSO'd?

Per the supplier: No, it is not.

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