TCW Intelligent Power Stabilizer 4 Amp

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Part# 11-08495
MFR Model# IPS-12V-4A


The Intelligent Power Stabilizer, IPS, is an electronic power converter for critical electrical equipment found in general aviation aircraft. IPS provides aircraft bus voltage surge and sag protection for the connected electrical equipment. The IPS system will operate over an input voltage range from 5 volts to 15 volts and provides a regulated output voltage of greater than 11.25 volts. The IPS system allows electronic equipment such as engine monitors, EFIS and GPS’s to be operational before and during engine starting. This important feature allows the pilot to load flight plan data into the aircraft GPS prior to starting the engine thereby saving fuel and operating expense. When used with aircraft engine monitors it ensures the pilot can monitor critical engine operating parameters such as oil pressure during the engine starting process.

The electronic power converter in the IPS system ensures the connected electronic equipment is provided with a stabilized source of power even when the aircraft battery voltage drops significantly. This is particularly important during engine starting or alternator out conditions. IPS additionally provides surge protection by actively clamping the regulated output voltage.

The IPS-12v-4a model features a panel mounted low voltage warning light which may be used to provide a pilot warning when the aircraft bus voltage falls below 12 volts.

The Intelligent Power Stabilizer is suitable for use with equipment such as the Garmin GNS-430/530 series of GPS and the G900X and GU370/375 series avionic system.

Download the IPS Installation Manual (PDF)


  • Input Voltage: 5-15 volts DC
  • Output Voltage: > 11.25 volts DC
  • Converter: True DC:DC converter with output over voltage, over current and over temperature protection
  • Panel warning light: IPS-12v-4a only model, preset to 12.0 volts
  • Wiring: IPS-12v-4a: 4ft lead, Mil-spec wire
  • Enclosure: IPS-12v-4a: 4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06"
  • Weight: IPS-12v-4a: 8oz.
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Q: Is this TCW Intelligent Power Stabilizer 4 Amp TSO'd?

Per the supplier: No, it is not.

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