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Part# 11-13822
MFR Model# 010-01595-20


High-end Capability for Your G3X™
  • Dedicated controller for advanced Garmin autopilot modes
  • Control wheel for altitude selection
  • Dedicated heading and altitude knobs
  • LVL mode button commands automatic recovery from steep or unusual attitudes
  • Allows for standalone operation of the autopilot
The GMC 307 control panel offers a dedicated interface for G3X autopilots in experimental and light sport aircraft.

When installed with G3X flight displays, GMC 307 offers features normally reserved for high-end aircraft that use the GFC 700 digital autopilot system, including advanced autopilot modes, such as indicated airspeed hold, independent flight director and third-axis yaw damper (when installed with appropriate servos). While these features are available without a separate controller on G3X Touch flight displays, installing the optional GMC 307 allows for standalone operation of the autopilot.

Plus, the control wheel integrated into the GMC 307 makes for easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments, while separate knobs allow twist-control of heading and altitude. And for added safety, the panel’s advanced LVL mode button commands automatic recovery from steep or unusual attitudes, enabling the autopilot to return your aircraft to straight-and-level flight.

Automatic flight control system limitations can prevent or delay the ESP system’s ability to recover the aircraft in some situations.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Product is great. But Aircraft spruce sent with zero paperwork.

Ben F
June 27, 2019

This control head has been superseded by the 507, which costs the same.

Douglas M
July 1, 2019


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Q: I have installed in my aircraft the GMC 305. If I order the GMC 307, can it replace the 305?

Yes, you can replace the 305 with the 307 if you'd like.

Q: What is the dimensions of the Garmin GMC 307? Is it interchangeable with the GMC305.

The units have the same size faceplate and use the exact same connector kit. The panel cutouts are slightly different. The 307 is 6.015" x 1.98" while the 305 is 5.38" x 1.73"

Q: Does this GARMIN G3X GMC 307 AUTOPILOT CONTROL HEAD come with the connector kit?

No. See part number 11-11447 for installation/connector kit.

Q: How far behind the panel does this Garmin GMC 307 unit extend?

According to the manual the unit with the connector is about 3.43 inches not including wires.

Q: Which Garmin autopilot control head is needed for Garmin autopilot servos? This is a simple RV installation with only a G5. No G3 or other GPS Source.

You'll need either the Garmin GMC 307 or Garmin GMC 507.

Q: I ordered the GMC 307, it did not come with the tray. What is the tray PN#?

Per the manufacturer this does have a mounting rack. It mounts flush to the aircraft instrument panel using two pawl latches.

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