Airwolf Mini Air/Oil Separator

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Airwolf Engine MiniSep, 3/4" Inlet
Airwolf Engine MiniSep, 1" Inlet
Airwolf Engine MiniSep, 5/8" Inlet
Airwolf Wet Vacuum Pump MiniSep, 5/8" Inlet
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Reduce oil consumption and remove harmful water vapor with Airwolf’s Air/Oil Separator. The AirSep distills and recirculates crankcase oil vapor generated by normal operation, extending engine life.

The Airwolf Walker AirSeps uses a tiny amount of vacuum pump discharge air, to help condense the oil inside the AirSep, and to overcome crankcase pressure to return collected oil to the engine while the engine is running. The competitive systems are only gravity flow so no oil returns into the engine until the engine is completely shut off. Thus, one system is large enough to clean both the engine breather oil and wet vacuum pumps discharge. It comes with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and material of all new AirSeps produced. STC'd for ALL Piston powered aircraft.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Im sure the product is fine, not $495 fine, would be nice if it came with the mount that the instructions keep referring to....

Ric P
November 26, 2021


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Q: What are the dimensions?

Diameter = 3.0" Radius = 1.5" Length = 4" Pi * Radius Squared = 3.1416 * 2.25 = 7.068 Total Cubic Inches = 7.068 * 4 = 28.272

Q: Does the Airwolf Mini Air/Oil Seperator include everything needed for installation in the box? And, is it STC'd for a P210N? The hose coming off of the breather is 3/4 inch

Yes, it will come with everything needed. Yes, it is STC'd for that aircraft.

Q: I have a F35 Bonanza with E225-8 Engine. Is the MiniSep STC'd for this?

Per the supplier: The mini is STC'd but for the F35 you would need a AFC-W303-A. The mini is too small. Contact sales to order AFC-W303-A.

Q: Can this be installed if your vacuum pump has been removed?

Yes, you can install this if your vacuum pump is removed.

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