Champion Spark Plug Anti-Seize 2612 - 4 Oz

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Part# 2612
MFR Model# 2612


Apply sparingly to second and third threads. Do not contact electrodes as it could short out the plug. Do not apply to shielding barrel threads. Unbreakable 4oz. bottle with applicator brush top.

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I just talked to the Tech Support guys at Lycoming and I was told that the factory uses Loctite C5-A copper anti-seize. Ref: Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1042AG Use a copper-based anti-seize compound or engine oil on spark plug threads starting two full threads from the electrode, but DO NOT use a graphite-based compound.

Mavin J
September 30, 2019

Be aware that this an eye sees is not supposed to freeze. Consider when shipping.

November 2, 2019

I am fail to understand , now Lycoming has come recommendation to use Copper based anti seize grease on spark plug threads instead of graphite grease, whereas I am using graphite grease years since 1966 without any adverse effect. Please advice

September 9, 2017

I've used Champion 2612for years on the spark plugs in my Lycoming engine, but now Lycoming has come out with Service Instruction No. 1042AA which says, DO NOT use a graphite-based compound (emphasis theirs).

John C
March 11, 2015


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Q: Would champion spark plug anti-seize be suitable to use on the ball joints of an exhaust system?

The tech data information describes this as a high-temperature, graphited lubricant for application to spark plug installation threads to prevent galling and seizure. No information is listed regarding its use on exhaust parts, or systems.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Champion anti-seize lubricant ?

2 year shelf life.

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