B & C Lightweight Starters For Continental - Certified

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12V Starter with 501-1 Install KitBC320-1 Key type
12V Starter with 501-3 Install KitBC320-1 Pull Cable type
12V Starter OnlyBC320-1
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This starter for the Continental 0-200 or 0-240 engine solves all the problems that other starters have had -- worn out clutches, cracked pinion gears, hard to find parts. In addition, the BC320 is 4.3 to 5.2 lbs. lighter depending on whether you are replacing a key-type starter or a pull-cable type starter. BC320 starter is STCd for use in certificated aircraft and is available with, or without, the STC.

Also available are 2 installation kits; one for replacing a key-type starter, the other for replacing a pull-cable type starter.
    If you are replacing a key-type starter, you will need installation kit 07-06752.
    Before installing the BC320, a needle bearing will need to be removed
    from your engine. To aid in removing this needle bearing, you may purchase
    Bearing removal kit, 07-06753 .
    If you are replacing a pull-cable starter, you will need installation kit 07-06754.
Attention: Before installing the BC320, you will need to cut off a steel shaft that is installed in your engine case.

The BC320 starter is a complete starter, ready to install, that will replace the existing motor, clutch, and pinion-gear. Tested by Continental with over 5000 start cycles without a problem. Recommended by Rutan Aircraft Factory. Except for paperwork, there are no differences between STCd starters and starters for homebuilts. A starter must be ordered to match your battery voltage.
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Aviation components always need 8130 for paper work procedures. I asked it and you sent it without them. Then you told me that is needed to issue an special request for it with a huge leadtime. Aircraft grounded, time and money lost.

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July 13, 2022

Nathan at B & C specialty was very understanding of our needs while we troubleshot a customers O-200 continental oil leak near the installed starter. He was very prompt in standing by his product and getting our issues resolved. He took measures to make sure we were handled fairly and in a timely fashion. Our new B & C starter has worked great ever since.

October 4, 2018

Be aware the starter comes with no paperwork, no STC,no installation instructions. Visiting B&C website it turns out they have an STC request form to fill out.

Tye H
January 28, 2018


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Q: What does the BC320-1 starter unit weigh?

This starter weighs 10.59 lbs.

Q: How much clearance is required between engine mounting surface and firewal?

Per the Manufacturer: "The BC320-1 requires approximately 5.75" between the engine mounting surface and the firewall. As a side note, I might mention that the Starter has 1.99" of length that fits *within* the accessory case -- so if the engine is already installed in the airframe, it would make for a more convenient installation if a total of 7.75" (approximate) is available."

Q: Does this come with any STC paperwork and/or an 8130 form?

Yes, this is STC'd. 8130-3 export form must be requested at time of checkout.

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