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Part# 07-00721
MFR Model# KCST2


STC Certified conversion kit featuring C12ST2/S starter for A65-12, A75-12, C85-12, C90, C145, O200 or O300 engines previously fitted with TCM's pull-type starter. Complete conversion kit includes C12ST2/S starter, push-button switch, push-to-start placard, wiring harness, two STC's (one for airframe modification, one for engine modification) and instructions. Sky-Tec starter is about 5 lbs. lighter than stock OE starter and provides increased cranking torque. 2-year factory warranty.


  • Ditch your pull-cable and lifeless antique starter. If it has not died already, it's just a matter of time. And aren't you tired of adjusting that pull cable so that the starter energizes only at the very end of the pulling motion? Sky-Tec ST2 starters are proven, durable and provide much quicker rotation for easier, effortless starts. ST2 starters feature no-maintenance, self-resetting kickback protection.


  • Two-year factory warranty.
  • FAA/STC'd.

In The Box

  • 1 - C12ST/C starter
  • 1 - Switch
  • 1 - Wiring harness
  • 1 - STC
  • 1 - Instructions for conversion of O-200, C85, C90, C145 & O-300A-C.
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Currently installing, everything looks good so far.

Alvin G
March 22, 2019

Winston M
December 17, 2018

As described promptly shipped.

Ray T
November 20, 2018


Q: will this skytec starter conversion kit kcst2 suit continental 300 cessna 172 australian register DOZ

Please refer to the Skytec fit guide on their web site as a guide. The KCST2 is used for some 0-300 engines with a pull start. http://www.skytecair.com/Fit_Guide.htm .

Q: Is this installation guide available for this Sky-Tec Starter Conversion Kit KCST2?

Yes, we have added the installation guide to the 'Documents' tab of this web page. Please review it there. We have also added two additional drawings that will help the installation.

Q: Does this Sky-tec Starter Conversion kit KCST2 contain a starter solenoid or must I buy it separately?

No, this kit does not come with a solenoid. You will need to purchase this separately.

Q: Does not come with a solenoid ...? Isnt the starter solenoid built into the starter unit? And IF this also requires a separate solenoid, what is the part number? Usually anything extra that is needed is listed as such in the accessories tab - why is the solenoid (if it really is needed) not listed there also? Please clarify.

The Q&A in in reference to the aircraft starter solenoid, which is not commonly installed in aircraft starters. The aircraft starter solenoid can last much longer than a starter, so is not commonly replaced when a starter is replaced. These solenoids can sometimes be considered an airframe part, so it may cause more confusion to list all of them as accessories, but we will look into this and add accordingly.

Q: What is the part number for the starter relay?

The STS-S12 or STS-S24 are commonly used.

Q: The core charge? I change the starter and send the old starter to you, and get reimbursed for the core charge? Is the core charge necessary?

Yes, there is now a core exchange charge tied to the purchase of this SkyTec starter conversion kit. We collect the charge at time of purchase, and when an acceptable core is returned ( in this case it is the starter coming off the aircraft), we will refund the core fee.

Q: When converting from old pull style OEM starter O-200, does this require the cutting and removal of the clutch shaft from inside the the accessory case?

Yes, must be cut and removed.

Q: Does the Sky-Tec kit KCST2 come with the gasket?

No the gasket is not included.

Q: Just to clear it up, the starter has a built in solenoid. Please correct the answer where you said that it doesnt.

The starter for the KCST2 kit is part number C12ST2/S. BR The C12ST2/S has a solenoid that is used to engage and disengage the starter. br The solenoid on the starter serves a different function then the starter solenoid mounted on the fire wall.

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